08 October 2015

Still going

It’s been a busy week, today feels like Friday but it’s only Thursday.  In any case I got financing for the roof and have put down a deposit.  Now I am waiting for a call back about the permit, the delivery date and the date the contractor will start.  All of this is/was supposed to happen today but I don’t think anyone will call until tomorrow.  If I don’t hear from them then I will be calling them.  They have my money and we have a contract.  Very much to my surprise they give me a week to change my mind but that won’t happen. 

I spoke with my Insurance folks and while my deductable will change there isn’t going to be a refund.  Sounds like I would have been better filing a claim.  While I could do that the ball is in motion and why stop it.  Filing a claim would mean an adjuster would have to come out, then there would be a meeting of the minds and who knows how much of a mess that would make things.  I will certainly sleep better and feel better once the job is done.

I don’t know quite how it happened but I will have some extra money left over when I am done.  I am paying off my consolidation loan so there will only be 1 loan payment and it’s cheaper interest.  Still after doing that I could go do some retail therapy and not have to worry.  Most probably I won’t, I will focus on saving as much as I can.  I do have to go calendar shopping though, outside of that all of my other expenses I hope will be run of the mill.  I could get the truck fixed but I am not eager to go sit in another waiting room anytime soon.  So I will probably put that off for a bit. 

The children have messed up the rug, but we knew that would happen.  The house still has retained most of the benefit from the cleaning that I have done.  Outside of the rug the only other issue is with the table cloth on it’s hard to tell who’s under the table.  Thus far everyone is doing well.  I am concerned about Big Boy (Bear) when the roof goes on, I will probably have to carry him to the basement but we shall see. 

Outside of the roof deal and trying to keep the house clean, everything else in life is going along normally.  Still watching Drop Dead Diva and loving it.  There you have it, now you know as much as I do. 

The afternoon is here and things are dragging by.  Oh my bosses day gift turned out to be a winner.  My boss didn’t even know that bosses day was coming up.  See I suspected that no one did anything for her.  I will take those Brownie points where I can get them.  I am really and honestly thankful for her kind gesture to hire me and just like to remind her that I appreciate what she has done.  Bosses day I think is the perfect day that is taylor made for just that.  BTW its next Friday in case your wondering. 

So on with the afternoon.  Frozen White Castle Cheeseburgers and some ketchup for supper.  To follow with a diet soda and then a little computer time.  Then it will be back to time spent with the children as we prepare for Friday.  Were having pizza catered in tomorrow, so there is something to look forward to as well as the fact its Friday again.  No weekend plans thus far.  Would be nice if I met someone that would change that slightly for me but I am good with napping. 

Talk with you again soon!

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Jude said...

I hope the roofing project goes well for you and the cats. Enjoy your pizza!