23 October 2015

Comedy of errors

I tried to publish twice yesterday with no luck.  So I am hopeful that this post makes it.  I made it in yesterday, it was the day from hell.  Lots of problems and it was probably the best day of the week that I should have stayed home.  I didn’t feel so hot yesterday morning, which is the same this morning.  I got surprised when the massage lady showed up and she worked on me a little bit.  That helped make me feel more alive.  I am now in debt to her as well.  The guy next to me still has his pneumonia.

About 20 minutes before it was time to leave I got an alert on my phone that part of my regular commute was closed due to an accident.  I decided to drive into the storm and made a detour, thanks to SIRI I was able to find my way home.  It was like a mini adventure and was slightly fun.  People were driving like we were in a race.  I took my sweet time.

Everyone was waiting for me when I got home, everyone ate rather well.  I had BBQ Pork which was delicious.  I had some ice cream a bit later and Momma was sitting next to me, I turned her away.  I thought we just got you back on the pathway to life and I don’t want to muck it up, especially after all it cost me.  Not to mention the emotional hell I went through. 

I got a call yesterday about the roof, since were going to have rain today they opted to cancel.  We rescheduled for next Saturday.  The delivery was also supposed to be pushed back.  When I backed out of the driveway this morning I saw all of the material sitting on the roof.  I am guessing they delivered it yesterday but I don’t know that for certain.  If they were there this morning early they were very quiet.  I am not certain how the truck made it in the driveway since I didn’t bother to move the truck.  I called this morning and verified that that the roof is scheduled for next Saturday.  I let them know that the supplies are sitting on top of the roof.  They offered to have them picked up, I declined because they would just have to bring them back out again.  I mean they are safe in the elements, why muddy the waters.  I just wish all of the comedy of errors would stop and I could get this behind me. 

I am pretty emotional right now because next week would have been my late partners birthday, I have been thinking more and more about him.  I miss him so much but know that he would be proud of me.  I don’t honestly know how I have managed to make it this far.  Tack on my slight money worries and my job worries and presto you have 1 messy guy.  Let’s hope that the weekend gives me time to relax and sort things out so that I can be fresh next week.  I look forward to the weekend as always.  Got plans for a haircut and maybe driving to the buffet but I am not 100% on that.  I may just opt to eat at home.  The hair cut is a for sure thing, I am wearing a mop on my head.  Time to get it taken off 

I’ve been leaving my door open since Momma was sick and she comes to sleep with me every night now like clock work.  Her and Marvin do battle over the space next to me.  I spend some time with her, she leaves and I spend time with him.  I look forward to sleeping in my late partners bed this weekend, that always seems to reset my system and will make my neck and back feel much better.  No cats back there, they aren’t allowed.  Maybe someday when I get things all cleaned up but for now it’s just me. 

Well time to get to work and see if this will publish.  Talk with you all later.  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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