04 October 2015


Much to my surprise I received an email that my loan has been funded.  The last time I went through this process, that meant that I was approved.  I took a look at the permit application and filled some of it out.  Turns out that the city wants to inspect the job before you can occupy or live in the space.  Really?  Makes me wonder how we are going to get this job done on the weekend.  I mean they can do the work but legally I can’t live in my home until Monday when an inspector is available.  I am going to see how we work around this or if that is possible.  I’d like to avoid taking time from work but if I have to, I have it.  I have to be here when the work is done, that is my rule.  I don’t know how the cats are going to react and I think they would be more comfortable if I was here.  I will also probably buy some Feilaway diffusers, which place comfort pheromones in the air to help calm kitty.  They are super expensive but they last for 30 days so I think it’s worth it.

Finished up the usual events and tasks of the day.  I got the waitress I can’t stand this morning at Steak N Shake.  She acts so plastic and it gets on my nerves, I don’t know if she is trying to put on a show or if she is naturally that way, but I don’t like her.  I gave her my order and she forgot my bowl of chili which I ordered first.  Thankfully she remembered my burger.  I got the bowl of chili after I said something and it was no charge.  That was nice. 

At the normal grocery store I racked up a bill of $74 and got it for $54 with coupons, not bad!  Then I went to get my oatmeal at the upper class store.  All of the cute bagger boys were not out yet.  I got to see a couple pieces of eye candy.  I wanted to grab one guy by the ass so bad.  Oh it’s pure hell to window shop.  I can’t wait until I can actually touch the merchandise again. 

Very cold here, Gator is back to hiding under the covers to get warm.  I fired up the furnace for a little bit to help get everyone warm.  I think it will be on overnight so it’s not so cold when I wake up.  The cold will cause you to wake up in a hurry but it won’t be enjoyable.  Speaking of which I purchased some spray on moisturizer from Vaseline.  One of my friends said a friend of hers loves it.  If it keeps my back from itching then I am all for it.  However, I haven’t found a product yet that actually works all day long.  This stuff is supposed to go for 24 hours, so we shall see. 

Claws are done!  Ruth ran from me and peed on the carpet.  However I got to take the gloves off and actually hold her paw without her trying to gnaw off my hand.  I am making progress but I don’t think she will ever be a lap cat or like to be held.  It’s not the claw trimming that is the issue it’s the fact that she is held hostage for a brief period of time.  She also got brushed, which I know she enjoys but she acted like she hated it.  I got to smell her dragon breath.  When she gets upset you can smell it in her breath and see her fire red tongue and gums. 

I have been hot all day long and the sinus soup has been busy pouring.  I can sense that something is amiss and rather than wake up and have to call in, I started on some steroids.  Perhaps it’s just allergies but I would rather have all of it under control.  Speaking of work, I ordered my boss some candy and fruit arrangement to be delivered on Tuesday for Bosses Day.  That holiday isn’t until next week but she will be on vacation and rather than have her wait I wanted to get her before she went on vacation.  I have a feeling that no one really does anything for her and last year my gift by mail sat for days before she called me up to thank me.  I know for a fact that I should get a call on Tuesday, unless something goes wrong.  This cost me a small fortune so I really hope it goes off without a hitch and that she enjoys it.  I threw in a Mylar Balloon for good measure, which also hiked up the price. 

I also took the time to cash out on my reward cash on each of my credit cards.  One had $29 and the other had $19 so not a bad day.  It takes a while to accumulate since it’s 1% of total purchases but once it gets into the $20 level I am quick to cash it in, need that money!

Marv and Ruth are in hiding they didn’t come to supper.  Now if they don’t show up for treat time, then I will know something is wrong.  Marv is in my room hiding behind the chair, which he never does.  That is his brothers place.  Ruth is downstairs with me hiding next to the treadmill.  At least it’s getting used for something. 

I took time to clean up my bedroom a little bit.  Emptied out the underwear drawer, threw a few pairs away.  Got a reminder that I own jocks.  I think they are super hot but wearing them all day long, not my thing.  Emptied out the sock drawer and found that there was a ton of socks that I haven’t been wearing.  Fixed that by rearranging them.  Got the iPad out and plugged in, it’s getting IOS 9.2 it was down to 30 minutes when I came downstairs, it should be ready to install when I go back up in a bit. 

Quantico and Last Week Tonight are my TV shows for the evening.  Looking forward to both of them.  There are other things waiting for me on my DVR that I haven’t watched.  I’ve mostly stuck with Drop Dead Diva the entire weekend, lots of interesting content there.  I really like Fred the Guardian Angel, he could come guard me any day of the week.  Just saying. 

Nothing special planned for the week, just another week in the life.  Looking forward to the weekend as usual.  I think we might get a free lunch this week and were in the month where there should be a fire drill.  I really don’t look forward to that, it’s a lot of walking and it’s murder on me, but if it were the real thing I would be thankful that I could actually walk to get out.  That’s all from here for now.  Talk with you all again soon.  I hope that you had an awesome weekend!

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