30 October 2015

Friday again

It’s been a crazy week and perhaps the madness will come to an end.  We have a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.  No cancellation from the roofers, so I presume the job is on.  Let’s hope that Mother Nature doesn’t mess anything up.  The waiting is very stressful. 

Tonight is a trick or treat night in my neck of the woods.  Halloween is and will always be strange there.  I never heard of a Halloween Parade but they have one and kids get 2 nights to seek out candy.  Nothing to seek out at my house.  Exterior lights will be off. 

Big Boy was sick last night.  Diarrhea and he also tried to puke once. Its was scary but I didn’t panic, I just kept cleaning him up.  I slept with my door open in case he needed something.  All was well when I got up.  I hope that I don’t come home to a mess, but if I do I will deal with it.  That cat causes me to worry a lot. 

I had some PC issues but manage to work them out.  It was all calendar related.  Apparently iCloud isn’t compatible with Windows 10 and/or Office 2016.  I had to move to a different platform, which I like better.  All I wanted was one place to keep my calendar so that it’s universal no matter what device I am using.  As you would suspect I am not terribly busy but if I have an appointment and it’s not calendared then I will never make it. 

Talked with a guy last night at one of the on line dating services.  It was kind of nice.  Nothing really came of it.  There were originally short pauses then they got longer and longer.  So I presume he’s bored with me or he changed his mind.  Whatever.  Next move is his.  I was the one holding the conversation and asking all the questions.  I hate that so I turned the tables and asked him if he had questions for me.  That I think caused him to think and is what maybe made things go south.  Well I know it’s awkward but if you can’t keep a conversation alive then there is a problem.  That is and has been my experience.  Not sure that I am ever going to meet anyone and have had thoughts of taking a break again. 

I had my massage yesterday and she really beat me up.  I thought I would hurt pretty bad this morning but my body seems to be used to it.  I am sore but it’s not bad at all.  I am positive that there are still knots in my back.  I used the heating pad a little bit last night, not sure that it helped because it was only for 30 minutes. 

So my latest issue is with playing back a show on my DVR.  The show recorded just fine.  When I went to play it back there were tears in the video and it would also freeze up.  I fixed that by rebooting.  Then things are just getting good when the recorder thinks that the show is over with and we are only at the 30 minute mark, it was an hour long show.  I can’t seem to get past that.  In the past I have had to wait a day and it sorts it’s self out.  If that doesn’t work this time I am going to unplug everything and start over fresh.  If that fails then I will give up.  There is only so much I can do and the show is available to watch on-line or I am sure in some menu with Uverse. 

Plans for tonight include Lasagna and TV.  Early to bed and early to rise tomorrow to listen to the pops and help calm the children.  Wow that should be fun.  Even if we all camp out in the basement. 

Yesterday I got caught off guard I got a notice that my friend was leaving and his last day was set for today.  It looked like he had been fired but rather than presume I called to inquire.  Turns out he gave 2 weeks notice and they said that he could leave tomorrow.  They will still pay him for the extra week.  Looks like someone has time on their hands.  He said that his team was toxic and he needed to get away from that.  I totally understand, not exactly sure what rubbed him the wrong way but if you don’t look out for yourself, no one will do it for you.  In any case I am glad that he didn’t get fired, because not having a job really sucks.  He is going into something that he has doubts about but at least he will be the new guy and maybe things will work out for him.  If not, then I suppose he will just keep moving on.  I told him that just because we didn’t work together anymore I didn’t plan on losing his number.  He said that was good and he felt like we bonded even if we didn’t spend a lot of time together.  Yeah plus there is the fact that I have a major crush on him.  I won’t ever tell him that but it is one of the reasons why I want to keep our friendship alive. 

Well it’s about time to shove some food in my mouth, so I should go.  Just wanted you all to know that I am still here.  I hope that you have a good weekend!  

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Jude said...

I hope the roof gets done without any issues, have a good weekend!