25 October 2015

Soups On

I hope that you all had a great weekend!  I stayed close to home.  I needed a haircut so I got up early and made an appointment, first time ever I was late and by more than 5 minutes but less than 10.  They gave my spot to a kid in front of me as I was there to check in.  Then they told me that I would have to wait 2 hours before they could reschedule.  That is crap.  I mean I know I was late and I understand giving my appointment away but you can’t tell me that I couldn’t be squeezed in.  I was livid because I didn’t feel good to start with.  I left and went to a place across the street from my house.  I was there 1 time last year when they opened and haven’t been back since.  My only objection to this new place is they use plastic guards and I prefer a blade guard, you get a much more precision cut and it’s worth the crummy price they charge.  The plastic guard cuts are so out of my style book.  I’ve got a $5 coupon to use at the place I was late to, so I will go back 1 more time to get that in.  After that we are done.  Besides that I didn’t like their shampoos any way.  Not sure what I am going to do for future cuts but I have time to figure that out. 

After the cut I went to the cat food store.  The cute guy at the register was working again.  He didn’t seem too happy yesterday.  I did however give him a look up and down – not bad. He asked me for my phone number again.  I guess it’s a new thing they do in the store now, either that or he is just trying to make peoples lives easier.  I would rather punch it in to a keypad than say it out loud, but that is just my comfort level.

On to Sam’s club to pick up a few things that I needed.  I stuck to a list and got out for $70 and it was the first time I used the chip in my credit card.  That takes some getting used to.  You put it in and leave it there until the terminal tells you to remove it.  If you pull out too quickly, which I did the first time it voids the sale and you get to start the process all over again.  I like swipe and sign instead of stick it in and sign. 

Then on to home to unpack and put it all away.  I spent the rest of the day trying to revive a tablet that I fried on accident and when that failed I tried to revive an old laptop, which also failed.  That process took the rest of the day and it was upstairs downstairs a lot.  I did take a break and ordered a special that a local pizza place has 1 time a year.  You get a sampling of local favorite finger foods in addition to a large 2 topping pizza for $21.  I have passed on it for more than 2 years and decided that I am not missing it this year.  It was great and provided lunch, a late night snack and my supper tonight.  Not too shabby when you think about it.  I searched on line for the best way to reheat the pizza and found that someone said use a frying pan.  You coat it with a little olive oil and use low heat.  Cover it and keep an eye on it.  If you don’t cover it the toppings won’t reheat.  Never heard of that one.  I used the oven (which I never do for reheating) and I burnt it, but got to it before it ruined the whole thing.

Today I managed to do the usual breakfast, I changed up my burger order to include an extra egg, it made it that much better.  It was a lot of burger to stuff in my mouth but it was very good.  Service has declined and I am tempted to look for another breakfast place or at least change it up.  Hit up the grocery store and I got a lot of soup.  I really am starting to feel the infection hitting me as I am coming down off roids.  My neck and shoulders are killing me and I have a slight cough.  I think I may wind up back at urgent care but this time it will be the place at work so it costs me a lot less. 

I am running low on pee pads for the Bear and then had a genius idea, order more and have them shipped to work.  People do it all the time, why not take advantage of it so I don’t get held up by having to go in to claim a package at the post office.  So I did just that.  Should have them by Tuesday if my calculations are correct. 

Managed to get my mom a gift card to the Olive Garden.  She loves that place and always gets the same thing soup & salad.  I got her card last week.  So I put it all together this afternoon and it’s ready to hit the mail tomorrow. 

I got a bill from my doctors office for a blood draw for $18.  They charged my insurance company for it, when they didn’t preform the service.  I turned them in for fraud.  Now the insurance company took back their money and the doctors office expects me to pay that.  Gee, if you actually preformed the service it wouldn’t be a big deal but since you didn’t I am not paying for it.  I sent them a nice strongly worded letter that told them to get their head out of their ass and write the charge off.  As if that isn’t motivation enough to comply I sent a copy to the insurance company claiming fraud again and I wrote the State Attorney General.  I don’t know why I seem to have billing issues but I always pay on time but only for services that have been rendered.  I am sure this will turn into a bigger mess which is why I included the other parties in the hopes to prevent it from spreading into a bigger problem. 

Cancelled my Hulu subscription today.  I have lived without it for 2 months and really don’t need it.  There is $7.99 back in my pocket.  Along with the $7 from my cancellation of Here TV.  Then figure in that I won’t be paying Lawn Boy until next year and I have a nice little extra stash of money. 

I priced out calendars today, selection in the naked man line isn’t exactly booming but I found a couple calendars that I can live with.  I didn’t order just yet.  I’d like to wait for this roof thing to shake out.  That will tell me where I stand and how much I can actually spend.  There are other things that I want and I am putting as much on hold right now as I can.  I am scared and hypersensitive to expenses right now.  Oh and speaking of roof guess what the weather forecast is for next Saturday?  If you said rain, you were right.  I am ready to give up and pick a week day to get it done.  However, we are far from next Saturday and a lot can and will change between now and then.  All I can do is pray, hope and wait & see. 

Took in a couple of great movies.  One was action & crime had Martin Lawrence in it and the other was a Romantic Movie called Five Dances.  Cute guy Ryan Steele in it.  Nice body and the boy can dance.  He’s also gay in the movie and in real life.  I did some research on him and found that he seemed oddly familiar because he was in an issue of OUT Magazine earlier this year.  He’s also got a partner, drats as if I even stood a chance.  

This week is going to start out busy.  I’ve got a couple meetings to attend tomorrow afternoon.  We are in open enrollment season, where you pick your benefits for next year this year.  Yeah I am pretty well keeping what I have, which is just vision and my participation in the 401K.  Everything else thankfully is taken care of for me by my late partners former employer.  That is a nice benefit to have because insurance is expensive.  I just hope that I can preform – I feel bad and really just want to lay around. 

Looks like there won’t be any John Oliver Last Week Tonight on.  Not happy about that but maybe it will give me a reason to turn in early.  I have to trim Marvin’s claws which isn’t going to go over well.  Plus he has to take a pill.  Unless Momma comes in I will probably be sleeping alone because he will be mad at me.  I’d like to cuddle with him.  Momma has interrupted that for a couple week and I miss my Marvin.

Well off to enjoy some ice cold water and see what I can find to watch on Netflix.  The Vacation Movie is out on Amazon but they want $15 to own it.  I don’t want to own it, I want to watch it.  Perhaps that price will drop this week.  Looks to be a funny movie and I can’t wait to see it but I won’t pay $15 that is crazy talk.  Take care and hopefully I will feel better during our next chat.  Enjoy the week ahead and make something great happen. 

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Jude said...

Up here we've been using the credit and debit card chip thing (no signing needed) for a long time. Supposed to be safer.

Here's hoping it doesn't rain on your roof Saturday!