20 October 2015

Pumpkin Pancakes at last!

When I woke up for good this morning and had to get moving, I was tired.  It was from being up off and on all night long having to pee.  I felt slightly better but my body was still communicating to me that I was sick.  I was nauseated but still managed to wolf down breakfast.  I took my pills and almost barfed.  That is one of many things that happens when I am ill.  For some reason it’s a chore to swallow pills.  I even divided them up so there weren’t so many of them but that didn’t help at all.  Long story short I called in and took the day off.  I should have just had the roof done today, but as per usual hindsight is always 20/20.  I went back to bed and when I woke up a few hours later I got dressed and ushered myself off to the urgent care center.  I had to sit for over an hour because the doctor was doing stiches and there was 1 person ahead of me.  I must say that the stiches were serious because it took forever for the person ahead of me to be taken care of.  I have a maxillary sinus infection.  Shocker!  The pain with the ear and with chewing is a result of pressure and the same nerve that affects people with TMJ is what was acting up on me.  I left with a prescription for an antibiotic.  I explained what I usually take and how it’s difficult to obtain so we went went something more common that I am not allergic to.  I told the doc to bump up the dose because when I take this drug it’s always been given in a low dose and doesn’t kill off the bacteria.  Now I have a new horse pill to swallow.  I wanted to double dose it but decided against it.  If things aren’t better then I will have to either go through the urgent care at work (which I could have done for free and w/o the wait – but that means I would have also had to go to work) or go see my regular doctor.  If I can I would opt to see my regular doc, the urgent care at work has mixed reviews and I haven’t used it yet.  So I told my co-workers that the cat was better and now it was my turn.  A few of them wrote back and said that it was the cats turn to nurse me back to health.  I guess Momma heard them because she has returned to giving me kisses – which really caught me off guard. 

After the doc in the box I dropped off the script and grabbed the mail.  Then it was to POHI I mean IHOP, I had so much time on my hands I actually figured out what that word is spelled backwards.  Got me my pumpkin pancakes and an omelet.  It was awesome.  Then I grabbed my medicine and came home. 

I returned to watching TV and tried to skip out on passing out lunch.  The little beggars let me off the hook for a couple hours but then sent in a representative to pester me.  I gave in.  Even had to pass out special food for Ruth.  Momma ate some of that as well.  She is doing really good and still no appetite stimulant.  I think I may just hold off on that and see how things go.  If I need to give it I will certainly have it on hand and who knows it may help me out of a future pinch.  The rest of her medicine is on schedule and she is a real trooper about it.  I have to fight a little bit but she understands that I am doing it for her good, that doesn’t mean that she has to like it. 

Okay so now for some scary news.  This only happened one time yesterday but I had very blurry vision yesterday at work.  We all suffer from time to time from eye strain.  This was something more and I associate it with this sinus thing.  Still it was scary for around 10 to 15 minutes everything was blurry.  It didn’t matter if I had my glasses on or off.  Kind of freaked me out.  I didn’t tell anyone about it, because it was a one time thing.  I know I probably should have mentioned it today but opted to keep it simple.  I didn’t need to run up a bill for a cat scan (something I can get at home for free).  What in the world would I do if they found something seriously wrong with me?  That would be a horrible thing to go through w/o a partner here to be by my side.  It’s bad enough that I am sick and alone.  It didn’t hit me until about an hour ago and I am really depressed about it.  Not much I can do but forge forward.  Eventually the time will come when my body will fail me – all I can do is hope and pray that Mr. Right comes along before that happens.  Otherwise I will just be scared and alone.  Kind of a horrible thing to think about. 

Outside of Momma kissing me and Pumpkin Pancakes there is something good that came out of today.  The contractor dropped off the permit.  It’s hanging on the front door.  They also went down the street after they left, so I suspect that my neighbor will be getting a roof as well which means I get $200 which isn’t a bad deal.  The dummy that stopped by hung the permit on the outside of the door, even though I answered the door and gave him access to the inside.  So I let him do his thing and then once he was gone, I transferred it to inside the door to protect it from the weather.  Better safe than sorry.  Rain is still in the forecast for Saturday and while I am not happy about it, Saturday isn’t exactly here yet.  All I can do is stay tuned and wait to see what happens.

My plan now is to return to the office tomorrow, unless I am worse.  I doubt that I will be worse but it could happen.  My nose has started to bleed a little bit but that is common with my allergies and the nose spray.  Nothing to get alarmed about.  I also squeezed in a nap so my plan is to give myself a facial – take a hot shower and up the sleeping medication.  I should be out like a light.  Of course I will be up to pee since I am still on the steroids.  Sure will be nice when life can return to normal for me, but then again there will be something else to take the place of the problems that I am having now.  Let’s just hope they aren’t worse than what I am dealing with now.    Rain rain (as in problems) go away and don’t come back another day!

Hope that you had a great day.  Now on to net surfing and then to grab that facial which I am in need of.  I never had one done professionally but always wanted to.  Perhaps I will treat myself.  It will probably be a new addiction like massage is.  I guess I am a high maintenance kind of guy, but that’s okay because I am worth it and so are you!

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