08 March 2017

Ice Cream for supper

I had to stay late last night because we upgraded the OS on one of our firewalls.  There are actually two devices. A primary device that is used every day and a backup in case the primary fails.  There were some issues and the upgrade didn’t go quite as smoothly as it could have, but we got it done.  It also didn’t help that we didn’t start on time.

Being late going home I was thinking what am I going to eat?  I had to stop and get the mail then it was homo.  Of course my car’s entertainment system locked up again last night and there was but only 1 way to fix it.  Master reset.  I wanted to keep it broken, drive to the dealer and say fix it.  That would have involved me taking yet another day off work.  It may come to that but right now it’s working again. 

So I digressed, I made it homo and fed the children who were all puzzled as to why I was so late.  They just didn’t know how to react.  No one really wanted to eat but I fed them and the food vanished so either 1 cat got really greedy or they ate.  Bear of course put up a fight and I gave him a different can of food which he liked for the first minute and then it was old news.  I didn’t have time to screw around so I told him eat it or your going to starve. 

I went downstairs to open the mail.  My refund check came along with my very first electric & gas bill ever in my name.  Woop!  Now the check would have paid the bill and then left some for me, but using it for that I guess didn’t seem logical to them.  So I got the check deposited and the bill is scheduled to be paid.  Then I see two post card sized mailers, the outside was marked life lock settlement.  What could this be more money?  Yes it could and was.  I tried to deposit that via my phone as I would a regular check but because of the size it just wouldn’t process.  So I had to drive to the ATM this morning.  Seeing that extra money made my day.  I can’t tell you the amount of money that I sunk into Lifelock for both myself and my late partner. 

No word from my friend, which going this far I would say I am not going to get a response.  I know today is a difficult day for him.  I want to send him a message but think that I am better off not saying anything, who knows what kind of a mood he is in today.

I finally took the time to refresh my memory on the retainer agreement I signed with the Firm that is representing me in the car case.  They told me that there was a clause in there that the client agrees to pay filing fees in the amount of $500.  It was pure bullshit as I thought.  They took the case on a contingency and so long as I do my part I will owe them nothing but we have to go to court and lose OR I would have to take a settlement.  I am doing my part and then some, keeping on them to make sure that they do their job.  There is an estimate of how much cost is anticipated and it’s in line with what they told me the balance was on my account.  I’ve not heard anything further from them.  I pretty much know how to bring a close to this and get $$ at the same time.  Right now I am waiting to see what the next move is. 

This morning I was so glad I turned on the TV, I saw that my usual route to work was closed.  Some lady decided it would be a good idea at 5a to cross the interstate and she was hit and killed.  So after the stop at the bank, I had to take a different route to work.  I made it but with far less time than if I would have taken my normal route.  People on the alternate route are pokey and drive much slower.  I switched to the normal or lower octane gas and my car had points where if you didn’t know any better you would have thought it was having a seizure.  The important part is that I made it to work unscathed and arrived early, which is my goal no matter where I work. 

I am hoping to leave on-time, have a worry free commute and get home at normal time.  Then to be able to spend a night with the kids catching up on TV, which I am behind on.  Last night was pretty much feed them, take care of the mail and then gulp down some ice cream.  Rest for a minute and then get ready for today and go to bed.  It went by way too fast and I do not like those nights.  I don’t want to just come home to sleep and then turn around and go right back to work.  I’d like to be able to unwind and relax, having supper and a more normal pace evening.  There is very little time between when I get home and when I go to bed as it is.  I like to make the most of it, is all I am saying. 

Well lunch is done, time to go back to the grind and start the count down to quitting time.  Can’t believe it’s already Wednesday.  It’s nice weather out today and will be until the weekend. Then were in for some flurries and colder weather.  Time change weekend occurs this weekend as well.  Not looking forward to losing an hour of sleep.  The kids won’t lose anything, they sleep all the time, but they sure will be confused for a couple days.  Take care! 

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