22 March 2017

Dear John

My friend called last night.  I was a little apprehensive to take the call but I did.  He isn’t mad at all, everything seems perfectly fine.  I guess he was just in a bad mood when we had our disagreement.  So not a whole lot knew for him.  He recently went to a Psychic Fair and learned that a close friend is going to die.  Wow he could have told me anything but that.  So I asked him if he called to tell me that I was going to die?  He said no but a close friend could be a pet.  Yeah I think she would have said pet and not close friend if it were a 4 legged being.  Shortly after his encounter he woke up to a text message from his female friend that informed him that she couldn’t see him any longer. So they are done.  I knew that it wouldn’t last but it was something that formed quickly and while they had a lot in common she said it was too soon for her.  I get it, been there done that.  He seems okay with it but I know he didn’t need any more bad news.

Speaking of bad news looks like my car issues are headed to a law suit.  I had contact with my attorney’s office today.  They say my case is strong so I hope for a good outcome.  While I don’t see how this could go south, I know that it is possible.

No word yet from my lawn guy, I hope to have a response from him by Saturday.  We are moving into opening season for lawn cutting and if I need to find someone else then it would be nice to know that as quickly as possible.  My guess is that he will either come back with changes to the contract or just refuse to sign it.  Just because there is no contract doesn’t mean we can’t do business but this was his requirement, not mine.  I’d like to clear this issue off of my plate as well. 

Ye old back is still sore and bothering me.  Last night I got some time with an ice pack but didn’t use the massager.  I felt better this morning.  Now that I have been working all day long I can feel the tension and soreness.  Thankfully tomorrow is Thursday so my massage is hours away. 

Looking forward to spending more time with the kids tonight, catching up on TV and trying to relax.  The relaxing part is up for debate because if it isn’t the phone then it’s the kids and both require something from me.  Hopefully it’s q you get the word I was going to say.  I decided not to say it in case it jinxes me. 

Ruth is not bashful about asking for some scratching.  I tried to play with her and she hissed and me and smacked me with her paw.  Then ran away.  Ten minutes later she was back and asking for more love.  Something has gotten to her, there are scabs all over her neck and I understand it itches.  Whatever it is, is still very much alive and active.  So I get to capture her which she will hate and put on some flea medicine.  I’d do it during a scratching session but she watches like a hawk, if she detects a momentary pause that is enough to send her running out of panic.  I don’t want to half ass give her the medicine or risk it getting on a part of her that it doesn’t belong.  So that is why I am opting to trap her – she will get a brushing and then some flea medicine which should hopefully calm things down and get her on the mend.  If not then I will have to engage the vet and I am not really all about that. 

One more hour to go and then it will be time to hit the dusty trail.  I am looking forward to it.  Plus we are closer to the weekend.  It’s supposed to rain here all weekend.  I need to hit up the vet at the pet food store and see about getting new prescription cards for Bear’s food.  They only issued them for a few months.  Prescriptions in the US are generally good for 1 year, both for people and animals. The exceptions to that rule are for controlled substances.  Like my sleeping medicine, the doctor puts 3 refills but the pharmacy only allows 1 and then you need a new prescription.  They want you to get it and they won’t call the doc for it.  Kind of silly because they will call for everything else. 

Happy middle of the week.  Hope all is well in your world. 

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