13 March 2017

Drama Express

The snow finally fell.  Morning commute was a little messy.  I had to take an alternate route because of an accident and thankfully I knew this before I even jumped in the car.  It was like driving in rain, no snow on the roads.  Looks beautiful on the trees and covering my lawn.  Shame it will all be washed away by the rain falling later today. 

On my way in my phone was blowing up.  I thought I packed a vibrator instead of my phone.  Yeah, it was that bad.  So I knew that either I just got spammed or there was something going on at work.  Turns out it was work. 

My co-worker found out that we all got rights taken away from us that we rely on in doing our jobs.  There was no notice given to us, it was just done.  This likely started with targeting my co-worker but someone realized they should widen the scope or it would look suspicious.  Then she found out where she was going to move to, turns out it’s a tiny cube used for a printer.  They are removing the printer and putting her in there in place of the printer.  Both of these things are totally unfair and I can understand why my coworker is upset.  She told me to start looking for a new job because that is what she is going to do.  Yeah, I’m not going to look for a new job just based on this.  It will take much more to drive me to that point.  The continued dramatics are enough to make me want to work some place else but I know which side my bread is buttered on. 

I called and spoke with our boss, turns out she had already beat me to the punch.  He really didn’t want to deal with it.  He cut our conversation short and said that the issues would be addressed, he had a full morning but he would get to it.  I can tell when someone is blowing me off and that is exactly what he was doing.  He doesn’t know how to deal with the drama and he’s permitted it for so long that it’s just out of control.  I don’t know how or if he will be able to reign her in and calm her down.  I get it, it feels personal and it’s humiliating to be shoved in a broom closet.  So hopefully he can make other arrangements for her so that she can have a cube like the rest of the people that work here.  I mean space is not an issue, if you can’t find a cube I am sure there is an empty office she could go in. 

I am wiped out from last night.  I took my extra dose of sleeping medicine but my body didn’t process it as quickly as it otherwise would have.  I didn’t go to bed until 11:30 which is much later than normal.  Marv had me up during the night.  Then morning just came around too early.  I wanted to stay home but forged forward.  I am so ready for a nap. 

The Boys slept with me last night, that is the first time in a while that has happened.  Marv got in his game of soccer before bed.  He walked around with the ball in his mouth crying.  He would drop it at my feet and I would throw it.  He would wonder off and grab it, then walk around and crow at it.  We both had fun.  Bear was resting comfortably on the couch.  I told him it was time for bed and that I had to put him on the floor.  He let out a meow that sounded like a little kid saying no.  I didn’t want to do it but I had to.  Ruth came in my room to get her scratching session with daddy.  When we were done she stretched out in my bed and rolled on her side.  I was behind her in my recliner.  She is slowly starting to be more trusting.  The attitude is still there and that won’t go anywhere, it’s just who she is.  I just wish she wouldn’t get so mad, she’s going to blow a blood vessel. 

Today is the day, my fake mont blanc pen is waiting for me at the post office, all the way from China.  I am excited but also a little nervous that it won’t be what I planned on.  I am headed there as soon as I leave work.  I sure hope the rest of the week is nothing like this morning has been and that I get more energy. 

Happy Monday everyone.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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