11 March 2017

Voting on a Saturday

Of all of the things to do on a Saturday, voting probably never crossed anyone's mind.  I requested a ballot to vote by mail earlier this week.  The election I believe is next month.  There is a big school referendum on the ballot and if it passes our property taxes will go up.  I am all about education but as a taxpayer I say fuck that.  Make some cuts if you have to but don’t raise my already high taxes.  I realize I live in a very heavily assessed and taxed area.  That doesn’t mean I am made of money, but everyone always seems to have their hands out asking for my hard earned money.  So I guess you can probably tell how I voted on that.  The next biggest thing is who gets to be mayor.  I don’t care.  I don’t tune into politics that heavily, despite the fact they control a lot of what goes on in society.  It’s all depressing … lying, cheating, etc.  Very little good comes from it, so why bother.  Just my opinion. 

Since we have had some spring like weather, things have started to bloom and apparently some of the insect family has been awakened.  I noticed ants on the table, one here and one there.  That means where you see one, there is another one and many more to follow.  Ants travel in packs.  Kind of interesting things but I don’t want them in my house.  They were in the cats water and in their food as well.  That was a hefty price to pay to throw out all of that food.  Needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper.  Thankfully I believe they are gone.  Let’s hope they don’t come back.  I saw one in my room last night, not terribly happy about that. 

The impossible happened last night.  Ruth rolled over and let me rub her belly, only for a brief moment in time but it happened.  I was shocked and pleased that she trusted me, if only for a moment to do that.  I hope this is the start of her opening up and trusting me more.  Maybe our relationship will grow even deeper than it already is.  I certainly hope so.  I know my late partner would be very surprised and I really want to tell him, it was like a knee jerk reaction last night I started to call him and say guess what.  Reality set in and stopped me. 

Okay so I wasn’t going to say anything because I thought it would jinx things but last week I matched with a very cute guy on one of the dating apps.  His profile says he is 41, which is certainly appropriate.  I want him so bad – not just sexually but to be a companion.  I made the first move.  We started chatting exchanging the usual pleasantries.  Then he just stopped talking to me.  It’s been 4 days now.  I don’t think he is coming back.  I also don’t think it was me or something I said.  I really hate that this happened because my hopes were slightly elevated.  Now I realize something could have happened preventing him from getting on-line but I don’t think that is likely. 

Speaking of dating I heard about a new app called Hater.  You bond with people over things you hate, which sparks conversation and presto before you know it your opening up and starting a dialog which hopefully leads to a relationship.  I got it today and have been on it a bit.  You get barraged with things and have to say if you like or hate them.  Then you get matches based upon your hates.  I have matched with no one yet.  There is plenty of time.  Where oh where for art thou Romeo? 

Drama at work.  Turns out the female that I work with got kicked off of the floor she was on.  They say it’s nothing personal but that she isn’t IT so she has to go.  She had to do something or piss off the wrong person.  Then I am minding my own business when I get an email and found out that I lost rights to administer some software.  They got her too which really fanned the flames.  I got a phone call from my old boss asking me if I was okay with the decision.  To which I said what if I wasn’t?  What are you going to do?  The response was nothing, it’s done and we should move on.  Okay, so why waste your time calling me?  It made no sense.  That right there tells me there is much more to the situation.  I will tell you that my co-worker fought pretty hard against her move but it went all the way to the top and our top dog wouldn’t do shit for her.  She is pretty hurt by it and ready to leave.  Do I think that will happen?  Yes, eventually she will have pissed off enough people that she will have to leave in order to be able to thrive.  That will push a lot more work off on me, I can’t say that I am ready to take it all on but I have to play the hand I am given.  If she does leave I think it won’t happen for a while.  Apparently she thinks that were gearing up for a 2nd round of layoff’s and that this time it could hit our team, more of IT and some executives.  We have way too many executives, if you trim that fat then we can save a lot of money.  She apparently is trusted more than me because she now gets a confidential list of people that are going to be departing.  I am not included but she said that she was going to push to get me added.  My ass, that won’t happen.  She is dumb enough to think that things are ‘normal’ between us and that I am her friend.  Nope, I am her co-worker.  I am not out to get her but were done, she killed our friendship when she pulled her bullshit last year.  I actually got an apology from her this week over that.  She was actively looking for fuel to throw on the already burning inferno that is blazing over her move.  Funny thing is I was going to ask to be moved to an office.  Since she isn’t in one, I really think my chances of getting one are slim to none.  So I never asked.  She sort of saved me some aggravation.  Next week should be fun, since she is drama central.

Tried out my Hans De Fuko Pomade.  They say it’s high shine.  Yeah my ass.  It doesn’t produce any shine – none of their products do.  Most of them say matte finish.  The products work great for hold & style.  I just want shine.  Traditionally Pomade by definition is meant to produce shine, so to say I am disappointed is an understatement.  I did get my hairs cut today. 

My plan was to leave town but then the weather forecast came out and said it would be cold and snow was coming.  Not what I want to drive in.  So I stayed closed to home today.  No snow but it was cold.  The snow is delayed maybe tomorrow or Monday.  Great, so looks like I might be driving in it after all.  Rats!

I spent the bulk of the day parked in front of the TV.  Big Boy was posturing like he was actually going to try to jump on the couch.  That would have been a disaster.  When I saw him I just picked him up.  He’s been by my side for the bulk of the day and that is not enough.  Plus he is continuing with his picky eating making me open multiple cans of food.  I love him but I am not a happy camper right now.  I went to the pet food store today and dropped close to $50, which isn’t bad if the food lasts 2 weeks but to have to run back next week because of him that is nuts.  I picked up a can of Reindeer food, never looked at the price and found out at the register it was $2 a can.  There is another flavor he likes, so I got it and it was the same price – 4 cans there is $8 right there.  Then because I didn’t come downstairs last night it wasn’t until I was at the store that I realized I left my coupon at home.  I was pissed but hey I was there, not like I was going back home.  I’ll just use it next time.  I am putting it in my wallet so it will always be with me.

Took a nap because I woke up early.  Now I am all wired and were going to lose an hour of sleep, so I am not too happy about that.  I’ll spend part of the day updating the clocks tomorrow.  The cats will be so confused for a couple days but they will get used to it eventually.  It will be nice to drive home in daylight.  Of course we will be back to dark for the start of the commute for a bit until things even out.  Something about the sun setting early that bothers me and makes my evening seem like it’s cut super short.  Well it actually is but the sun doesn’t help. 

Last but not least I found out that my knock off pen has finally made it into the US.  If the post office does it’s job and there are no issues, I should have the package next week.  It’s really close.  I am interested but not excited to see it.  If it turns out to be exactly what I want and use genuine refills, then I will be excited.  Only time will tell. 

Okay so I am calling it a night.  Take care and I hope all is well in your world.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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