24 March 2017

More Drama

Thursday morning I was involved in some unfortunate drama myself.  I arrived to the office early, as I usually try to do.  I decided to stop by and talk with a co-worker which is also something that is a common thing that happens.  In the middle of our conversation someone that sits close by stood up and yelled at us that we need to find a different place to gossip because it’s disturbing to her.  I am not the type of person that would let something like that go without a response, but my inner voice said don’t say anything so for once I listened.  That was the best advice ever because if I had opened my mouth the out come would be way different.  This event ruined my day and it also took up a good portion of it with emails, an interview and then at night talking with my co-worker.

The lady that made the accusation was a fool and later recanted her story and said she didn’t know what we were talking about but that we were whispering and that bothered her.  Yeah because the nutty bitch was dying to know what we were talking about.  The real crux of the issue here is that the lady I was talking to and the lady that made the outburst hate each other, I was simply caught in the cross fire.  The lady that I was talking to doesn’t want me to stop coming by because she said then she wins, I said this isn’t a hostage negotiation.  I want to keep my job and don’t want any outlandish inflammatory and wholly inaccurate accusations made about me now or in the future. 

Anyway I heard that my boss would catch wind of this and that something was going to be placed in my personnel file.  That angered me.  The boss part is fine but the putting something in my file, yeah I did nothing wrong and to boot I was on my own time.  So it’s not like I wasn’t doing my job.  I asked for a written apology but I knew that wouldn’t happen.

By the end of the day I asked our office manager for written confirmation that the entire story from start to finish would be placed in my file, including the fact that the accuser recanted their story.  He deflected and referred me to my boss.  Which caused me to reach directly out to HR this morning.  I won’t get any type of a response until Monday because my boss and the HR person are both on vacation.  I did get a call from my boss this morning and we spoke briefly about this and thus far it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be an issue, again I have to wait for Monday for confirmation.

I am exhausted and just want to curl up in my home and be left alone.  Fat chance of that happening when I am on-call.  Hopefully I can get some quality sleep and maybe that will include a nap or two. 

As you can well imagine I was quite knotted up for my massage.  She worked and worked on me.  It hurt but for the most part I feel better.  I do have one residual knot that is driving me nuts.  I will be working on that tonight at home, hopefully I can get it to breakup and then I’ll be okay. 

That is all of the major stuff happening right now.  Excitement is one thing but drama is something that is best when it’s on TV or in the movies.  Looking forward to quitting time that is just 40 minutes away, yay!

Hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable weekend.  Take care and we will talk again soon.

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