12 March 2017

Running on empty

I feel like I am running on empty.  This whole time change thing has knocked me for a loop.  Normally I blend with it, the first day seems odd but it never really affects me.  Today does seem quite odd but tomorrow will be the real test.  I went to bed at 12 which was the same as going to bed at 1a.  I woke up at 6a and went back to sleep until 9a.  Then I had to force myself out of bed.  Gator was quite the lady in helping me along by crying her usual theme song. 

By 9a it really doesn’t matter where you go for breakfast, your going to have a slight wait on your hands and if it’s a really popular place you may have a long wait on your hands.  Thankfully I had a short wait.  I went to IHOP and got a Cheeseburger Omelet, it’s like a cheeseburger but without bread and adding eggs and hash browns.   They put mustard, ketchup and pickle on the top.  It is truly amazing and the 2nd one that I have had.  I got seated next to this couple and their too fine looking son.  He was in college and was so appealing to me I wanted to ask him out on the spot, but I held it together and just admired from a far.  When they left his dad handed his mom her purse and it looked like a mini backpack.  I am not joking.  I was thinking to myself what in the fuck do you have in that thing?  I mean we all need an item or two but I just don’t understand women who want to carry around the whole house in a bag.  It’s heavy and chances are you won’t even use 1/2 of that shit. 

Paid my bill and ventured on to the grocery store.  I got a good parking spot which I was surprised at.  The store is normally packed by now but I guess a lot of people were sleeping in or just running behind.  Regardless I was able to make it in and out fairly quickly.  Dropped $86 like it was nothing.  Damn grocery's are expensive.

Headed to my el homo.  Unloaded and put away all of the groceries.  I was on fire, moving around with a lot of energy which was kind of a surprise.  I headed downstairs where I worked on updating my checkbook with all of the money I just spent.  Browsed around a bit.  Then I decided to yank my crank and afterwards the sleepies hit like a bomb.  I went upstairs and had a protein bar and a diet soda.  Watched some TV but eventually succumbed to my bodies desire for sleep.  I nodded off for a little bit, Gator helped wake me up.  Then I sprang into gear and cleaned the house.  I saw that our ants were back again.  I was pissed.  I saw a couple in the kids water but they left the dry food alone.  I sprayed and vacuumed, took out the trash and there were a couple more.  Those little annoyances are tough to get rid of.  I think after a second round of spraying I have them under control, or so I hope. 

There was no snow today but now they are saying it is going to start after midnight and keep on until late in the afternoon.  If that is true morning rush will be a pain in the ass.  It’s not ice but if I see a lot of accidents I’ll call it but my plan is to power through it and go about my day as normal.  The afternoon has rain in the forecast and a high in the 40’s.  Goofy ass weather.  We haven’t had much snow at all so outside of it being cold and dark, you would never know it’s winter here. 

I have completed the ever frustrating job of updating all of the clocks.  It’s coming up close to 7:30p and it feels like the day has just evaporated before my very eyes.  Of course there is plenty that I haven’t gotten done but none of it’s essential. 

There is a song that DJ Snake (whoever that is) performs featuring Justin Bieber.  It’s just heart warming to me and kind of an inspiration.  It makes me want to have someone to call my own.  The song is called Let Me Love You.  I’ll link the video in.  Justin no doubt is very good looking.  I wish he didn’t have so much ink and that he would pull his pants up.  He’s a very talented person and no doubt has a ton of money.  I am attracted to him but I hardly think of myself as a fan.  Listen to the song and tell me how it makes you feel.

Have a great week, stay warm and keep your head held high.  I am going to try the same thing.  I hope it’s an awesome and uneventful week for all of us.  Thanks for stopping by.

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