06 March 2017


Ah, Happy Monday everyone!  That’s not a normal phrase for me unless it’s following a week that I am on-call.  We had a short team meeting and everyone agreed that I was really busy over the weekend.  The fun continued when I arrived in the office this morning.  Started going through emails and got caught up in different issues.  Thankfully at the moment everything is fine.  Not saying it will last but I like it when it’s this way. 

Last night I looked at the instruction that came with my Zagg Screen Protection for my iPhone.  I wanted to know if you could remove it and reapply it.  Much to my surprise the answer is yes.  I tried a couple times but I got more bubbles than when I first started.  I watched a video today and they have a zero bubble feature.  You lightly set it on your phone, all lined up and then press in the center.  Watch as it adheres to your phone.  Pretty neat except for me I’ve got one large bubble that doesn’t go away and has expanded.  I still have protection but I have to put up with looking at a bubble when the phone is off.  It doesn’t affect my viewing, but it’s aggravating. I paid $40 for something that was fine and now that a month has gone by it looks like shit.  It’s not broken so I don’t believe I can file a claim under the warranty.  The whole tempered glass thing rakes in the money.  I looked on Amazon and they have all different prices from low to high.  You can get a privacy filter so that unless your directly in front of the phone, you won’t be able to see the screen, which I can see being handy.  When I say low price I’m talking from $7.  There are some great claims made, but I wonder if the cheap stuff is just as good as the expensive stuff.  I don’t plan on drop testing my phone to find out. 

Speaking of my phone the Bluetooth Headset that I got has a very annoying issue.  If you don’t use it within 2 days the battery goes dead, so if you want to use it you have to charge it back up.  The case acts as a charger and you only get 3 hours of talk time per charge.  The receipt says it’s a Slivr II but shows a picture of the Hint (Motorola).  I could file a warranty claim but, you have to call to get an RA number.  Then you pay shipping and you have to include your receipt.  I am sure the people at Moto would look at the receipt and that would cause an issue.  It’s not my fault Target sold me a Hint when they thought it was a Slivr II.  I am back on my Slivr and trying to baby it along.  While I allow the Hint to drain of all power both the headset and the charging case.  As soon as I know for sure it’s dead I am going to plug it in and let it sit for 24 hours, then try it again and see what happens.  I will likely windup buying what I wanted in the first place.

The phone it’s self is a winner, I had to ditch that 3D Touch it was annoying.  I’ve get a much better result with surfing and apps responding.  Additionally I enabled WIFI Calling an my phone works great at my desk in the office.  Were in a large lead box or so it seems.  Without WIFI Calling service is very spotty and usually there is an important call I need to take or make and before using my phone was next to impossible but not now.  The other big improvement is the battery life.  Wow, I love my Mophie but hardly have to use it.  I was really taxing my phone yesterday with multiple calls, app usage and had to turn on my Mophie for a recharge.  Still went I went to bed it was at 50%, which given all I was doing was very impressive.  I still charge it each night.  Nothing like starting the day on a full charge.

As I was preparing for bed, Marv had to get in a game of soccer.  He cried out for it.  We started and then he decided to start periodically talking to the ball.  He would also bat it into places that I had to work a bit to get it out of.  I found a second ball and threw him some confusions when I introduced it.  He quickly separated the two and went back to the original ball.  He likes to sit and bat at it, while he makes me run all over the place and bat it back to him.  He’s like a super quick pinball flipper, the ball is in motion and just at the right time he gets it and it goes flying.  He started to stick to the ball with his claws and that is funny when they keep shaking their paws and wonder why the ball won’t come off.  Eventually I had to call it quits and go to bed.  I gave him a slight trim this morning and I am sure he will be ready for our next game. 

Mr. Big Boy was being picky this morning.  He didn’t want to eat his Reindeer he wanted to con me out of another can of food.  It worked and then he started eating both.  The real joy came when I brought him his water bowl.  He loves the water and seeing him drink makes me happy.  Only because I know what goes in must come out, the more he drinks and the more often we flush out his bladder the less likely he is to form crystals/stones. 

Still no word from my friend, I thought about it on the way to work this morning.  Kind of wish that I did the follow up with the email. I’m one of those people who apologizes way too much.  However, our friendship is of value and importance to me which is why I did it.  I’m semi sure that were okay, but an acknowledgement of that would be of comfort to me.  Do I think I will get one?  Let’s just say I am not holding my breath.  As far as I am concerned I made the last move so it’s his turn next.  All I can do is sit back, relax and wait.  My life won’t go on hold, this will mess with it a bit but I’ll get over it and forget about it soon enough.  I think the smart thing for him to do is acknowledge receipt of my email and also come back with an apology of his own.  Ah, well. 

Lunch time is just about over, so I am going to post this and then go see what fine mess I can jump into.  There is plenty waiting for me.  Talk with you all again soon.

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