29 March 2017


As it concerns me, the drama at work has been resolved.  Nothing is going in my file, I did nothing wrong and it’s a non-issue.  You’d think that my accuser would render an apology either by being compelled to do so by our employer or just out of sheer guilt.  However, an apology will not be rendered.  The other lady that was also falsely accused is not letting this rest, it has stirred up quite the shit storm and my understanding is that it’s now headed to senior management since the low level people are unable to do their jobs.  What a mess, I am interested to hear how it plays out but I really don’t want to be involved anymore than I already have been.

On the home front, I managed to medicate Ruthie over the weekend with some flea medicine.  It was quite a challenge as per usual.  She crapped out of being nervous and even managed to get it in the air vent.  That was lovely to clean up and the smell was just extra worse, I suppose out of the sheer fear I instilled.  However, she is doing better.  The funny thing was she put up a little bit of a fight.  I brushed her out a bit and then put the medicine on as soon as she felt the wet, she was off like a bull out of a chute.  Thankfully there was only a drop of the medicine left and the majority of it was applied to her.  We are still very much friends.  She really likes my bed, she was in it when I got home from work on Monday night.  When she saw me she took off because she thought I was going to do something but I just said hello and minded my own business.

Bear is being difficult and has my senses up, he is not chowing down like he normally does and he has to have multiple cans of food before he eats.  He still eats his dry food but not as much.  Thankfully he still loves his water.  He went a day without producing urine, which really threw up the red flag for me.  I am worried that he is starting to circle the drain.  It could just be the change in weather.  In any case I am keeping an extra close eye on him.

That is about as exciting as life gets for me.  I am still in search of my Romeo.  No prospects but I still open the apps on a daily basis, it’s like knowing you have no food but yet you open the fridge in hopes that will change but it won’t until you fill it up.  There is some home that things will change for me.  But it’s very much a gamble.  I some how keep seeing guys from far away, part of that is a feature of some of the apps that allow you if you pay to put yourself in other areas and the other part I think is defective on the part of the app.  I am adamant that I want a local guy and not someone who is 500 miles away.  When will the search end?  That is the answer I am looking for.  I did some googling over the weekend and found some new sites that I checked out but quickly abandoned.

Tomorrow is my rub a dub day.  I am looking forward to it, but only if she can work out this one particular knot.  I start off my day doing okay and by the end of the day my shoulder and back are really bothering me.  II go home with the best of intentions of getting out the massager or an ice pack or both and as of late it rarely happens.  I played with a massager last night that belonged to my late partner. I saw it on line with a particular attachment, that didn’t ship with his.  Still it helped a little bit but I like the one I have been using so I’ll stick with that when I do use it.  I am thinking of getting a percussion massager, that is suppose to really do the trick.  What I’d really like is a massage chair, where you sit down, press a button and presto it works on your whole body.  Those are super expensive and likely not to survive in my house because they are usually leather and all of my cats have claws so I know they would rip it to shreds. 

Off to face Wednesday and see what challenges are in store for me today.  I hope that it’s a calm but fast moving day.  I have no idea what’s for supper but I am eager to figure that out.  Got a few meetings today, kind of boring but I know I will survive.  Hope all is well in your world and that the sun is shining brighter than ever.  Looks like I am taking time off for Good Friday, just happened to co-inside with a doctors appointment and I didn’t want to come back for 1 day.  Planning on making that Friday all about me and doing something that I will enjoy hopefully outside of loafing around the house.  It’s time to get moving.  Be well and we will talk again soon.

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