16 March 2017

My first contract

Last night I wrote my very first contract and I am pretty proud of it.  My new lawn guy sent me a contract, more like terms and conditions.  I had an attorney review it and provide me some feedback.  I had a plan to move forward but what I wanted to do looked crappy and could have opened me up to further liability.  I decided to chuck his contract in full and start fresh.  It’s a fair contract and I am told not a bad job for an amateur.  I agree to pay when he sends me a bill, he agrees to service my lawn and that if anything goes awry either to one of his workers, property or even a bystander I can’t be held liable.  Plus he agrees to carry insurance and I can ask for a copy of the policy at anytime.  I think he won’t know what hit him and he will not sign the contract.  I suspect that he will say either we part ways or lets just go off of our word of mouth agreement.  I am not a fan of contracts and commitments in general.  Love and marriage is different.  It’s just if I am financially obligated and something goes wrong I am stuck and there is no escape clause, other than filing Bankruptcy.  I don’t think anything will happen, but then again we never know what the future holds.  That is why there is such a thing as insurance.

Strained my back pretty good last night.  All of the computer work aggravated it and then I picked up Bear, not once but twice.  He wanted to sleep with me and he was adamant about it. 

I’ve spent the last two nights hunkered down in the basement on the damn computer.  Tonight I have said things will be different, just like I said that last night.  I have to get the trash out, then I can get out of my clothes, have supper and I plan to relax in front of the TV and get in some quality time with the kids.  I hope nothing or no one detracts me from my plan.  I got a quick 20 minutes massage and my back is still bothering me.  I only imagine how I will feel tomorrow. 

Its been another dramatic day with my c0worker, I am hopeful that she will calm down soon.  At least this time she is not upset with me, but I get all of the venting which is fine.  I just don’t buy in to the negativity and that probably makes her mad but just because she is having a shitty day, it’s no reason for me to ruin mine.

Well almost time to jet.  I hope that you had a great day.  TGIF tomorrow!!

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