14 March 2017

Not Bad

The moment of truth arrived and I got my pen.  It was well packaged and I didn’t quite know what to expect.  However, at first glance they did a good job copying the original. The one tell tail sign that it’s fake is the pocket clip.  It’s far too wide.  The pen uses original Mont Blanc refills but they do not screw in like the authentic version.  They shipped the pen with black ink and an old style Mont Blanc refill that had a longer stem for the ink.  If you buy a refill for it today and install it, you will easily see that the point barely sticks out.  The cap fits a little too tight.  The other obvious sign is that there is no serial number displayed.  They do have the logo on the cap and the writing around the middle with the Mont Blanc Logo and Meiserstuck wording.  So if you are not a connoisseur of fine writing instruments, I can see how you would be easily fooled.  For what I paid, I am satisfied.  I wish the refills fit better and the cap was smoother going on and coming off.  It really makes me crave the original.  You know the saying, there is nothing like the real thing.  Well that is true on so many levels with so many things.  Pens are no exception. 

I woke up this morning dreading coming in this morning.  I knew there would be more drama to deal with and I was right.  It was another day where I thought I packed my vibrator instead of my phone.  It buzzed most of the way in, although it was not quite as bad as yesterday.  I think things will start to calm down again.  I had a lengthy discussion with the boss and told him how off putting the drama was.  While I am not a fan of working with my co-worker because of our issue last year, I will be a happier person when she is in a better mood. 

Feels like winter outside and I drove in falling snow this morning.  It wasn’t sticking to anything and was kind of refreshing to drive in.  No accidents that I am aware of but the drive in was a little slow and congested in spots.  Still made it with a 1/2 hour to spare.  It pays to have a cushion, as you never know what you could encounter.  I’d rather be way early than way late any day. 

Earlier today the bldg. was messing with the HVAC system.  The blower shut off and it was odd.  It only lasted for a little bit and then it came back on.  Sounded like we were getting ready to get launched to infinity and beyond.  I saw a co-worker in the hallway and said hello and asked how she was doing.  The response I got back was ready for lift off as she was walking away.  My mind being what it is, took one look at her ass and thought that better be a fucking rocket or with an ass that wide your not going anywhere.  I didn’t say it out loud but I sure thought it.  I cracked myself up.  I don’t get how she appears in decent shape until you look at her ass and it’s bigger than a bread basket.  I know I am not slender/slim but dang!

Had fun with Ruth last night and made her mad at me.  I was scratching her up and down, left and right.  She was eating it up.  Then I stopped and she sat down.  I started touching her paws which she doesn’t like.  I acted like I was going to touch her face and I got her to swipe at me.  She only used her paw and the claws of death were not out.  I got the biggest kick out of that.  She didn’t like my reaction and she moved well out of my reach and gave me a death stare.  I could tell she was not happy.  Morning rolls around and she is back to her usual self, like nothing ever happened.  She will be on my bed tonight asking for more scratching.  When I first walked in and was eating supper she got sick, too much grooming.  It was a mess but I can see how she felt much better afterwards.  If she would just let me brush her instead of all of this scratching she would be much better off.  She has a bald spot on one of her hind legs, that’s where the tangle was that she let me pull out. They should invent a vacuum that has great sucking power but that isn’t noisy.  I could hook her up to that and she would be fixed up in no time flat.  Can you imagine time to vacuum the cat, instead of time to brush the cat.  It’s a great idea but I don’t know how to make it come to life. 

Finished up my left over pizza.  Had way too much ice cream and saw the premiers of Young & Hungry (sounds like a porn movie) and Baby Daddy while I was stuffing my face.  Great shows and it was nice to relax a little bit. 

Tonight it’s bill paying time, that will be nice.  Let’s hope that I have something left over when I am done.  I have to stop and grab mail again.  Whatever I eat I am sure it will be frozen.  Let’s hope it’s good as well.  I hope to spend time with the kids tonight.  Morning came around way too fast and while I was not as tired as yesterday, I was still tired. 

Happy Pie Day and Happy Potato Chip Day.  I had neither.  I am thinking of Pie for the weekend, that will depend upon how much $$ I have left over.  Hope you had a great day!  Talk with you again soon.

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