19 March 2017

Another awesome movie

I took a muscle relaxer last night and while I was waiting for it to kick in I rented Pass The Light.  It’s about a high school kid who runs for political office, because he doesn’t like the way the present politicians are running things.  It is from 2015 but it’s got a great message and it’s inspirational.  Worth the $3.99 I paid Amazon to watch it.  There is one tune that I like from the movie, the rest of it is Christian Rock type stuff and not for me.  I’d tell my co-worker to watch it if we were still friends, I know that she would enjoy it.  Funny thing about her she only listens to Christian Rock but she will watch secular movies.  Is that odd or is it just me? 

My back is feeling a little bit better.  I am about to go upstairs and run the massager over it.  I am finishing another movie called Henry’s Crime.  It’s about a guy who is convicted of robbing a bank, but he didn’t know he was committing a crime.  He was driving the get away car but he thought he was taking his pals to a ballgame.  They convinced him to stop at the bank so they could pick up some cash and they went in and robbed the bank.  They get away but he goes to jail because the bank security guard got him.  Now that he is out of jail, he is robbing the bank for real.  The main character is played by Keanu Reaves.  Not quite sure how this slipped passed my radar but it did, glad I found it.  It’s included with Prime so no charge for this one. 

Went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  I saw my crush just as I was leaving.  He got a make over.  Totally different haircut and he looks to have shaved, which is nice.  I caught him out of the corner of my eye and I don’t think he saw me at all.  I had a great breakfast.  Grocery shopping was the pits as per usual.  Dropped another $85 for a weeks worth of food. 

Listening to some music and just relaxing when the phone rings.  It’s my mom.  I knew I recognized the number but I couldn’t quite place it.  So I let it go to voice mail.  Glad I made that move.  She wants to talk, said that she misses me.  I think of her often but my life is so much better without her in it.  Drama central of which I do not need.  Yes I sound like Yoda, I know. 

It’s been a few weeks since I heard from my friend.  I re-read the email that I sent him.  I am not sure after he read that if he will actually talk with me again.  I said that I knew he would help me if the tables were turned.  Yeah the tables were turned and he helped by listening.  What I meant by my statement was that if I just lost my wife and was in his shoes and he were in mine.  Now maybe I am surmising too much.  Maybe he will call next week, seems to be that when I am on call I hear from him.  So time will tell. 

I have to get ready for Monday and spend some time with the children before I head off to slumber land.  The evening goes by so very fast.  I had the Chicken, Brocolli, Pasta with cheese dish.  There is some left over for tomorrow night.  I got some Washington Apple Pie Ice Cream again and it paired up really nice.  Got 2 Italian Subs that I chopped up to individual sandwiches to have at lunch time.  That will be different and very good. 

Let’s hope that this week is uneventful and relaxing.  There will be fewer meetings, which means fewer time on the phone and that makes me happy.  At least there is something to look forward to.  Take care and I hope you have a great week ahead!

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