07 March 2017

Terrific Taco Tuesday

Had a 1/2 way decent Monday night.  Got to do some computing, had my pizza and then spent time with the kids and my phone.  It was an average evening. 

Marv got in his game of soccer and now has started to pick up the ball and run around the house with it in his mouth, while he crows jut like his mother and sister do.  He bats the ball to one of his siblings and they just look at him like, what am I supposed to do with this?  I’m the only one who will play with him and he uses that to his full potential. 

Ruth has really warmed up to me letting me scratch her.  She comes over when I sit on the couch, when I park in my recliner in my office and of course when I am at the table.  Something has bitten her and she has some scabs of which I have most gone.  There are a couple of extra difficult ones but they will give soon enough.  She is happy as a clam so long as my hand is moving.  She purrs while I am doing it and has even let me to start to touch her paws. 

Bears well he is his usual needy self.  We spent time together on the couch, even though I probably shouldn’t have lifted him.  When I was putting him back on the floor he pawed me right in the eye.  That was not fun.  I know he didn’t do it out of spite so it was like it never happened.  He is such a sweet boy.  Order him more pee pads last night.  The box were on is starting to go fast and rather than run out why not be prepared? 

Gator is her usual fun loving attention seeking self.  She competes with Ruth and really clamors for the attention.  It’s tough to try to please all 5 of these creatures.  She loves to sit with me in the recliner and then stretch out.  Her newest trick is getting her back claws into my balls.  That hurts like hell and I keep telling her not to do it but does she listen?  Nope of course not. 

Momma she is my shadow following me to the basement and making sure that I am on time to take care of everyone.  She does a good job of keeping us all in line directly or indirectly.  I know she loves me and I love her.  For without her, there would be no children. 

Today is average thus far a little bit of a bang this morning but it’s been quiet for the most part.  My headset at work broke.  I’m telling you quality doesn’t seem to be an ingredient in anything that is manufactured today.  If this stuff was made back when I was growing up it would be out dated but it would still be going.  I used some gaffer tape and have it functional.  I bought the thing as a refurb.  So it was 1/2 of the price and it’ been good to me over the past year and a half.  However, it should last way beyond that in my opinion.  If it truly breaks or it looks like I can’t fix it, then I will buy a new one, not that I want to.  I already started searching.  If I could trade a couple keyboards for a headset then I’d be in business.  Ah well, I shall wait and see what happens.

Placed an Amazon order last night.  All of my gift card is gone, plus I used up all of my points from my credit card.  I was going to get some brownies but they are super expensive.  I mean it’s just a different type of cake and cake unless your getting married isn’t expensive.  So I picked up a refurbed keyboard for work.  I don’t know why but I make a lot of mistakes with the Wave keyboard.  It’s comfortable to type on but my fingers want what I use at home.  I am not happy about it but it seems that I am now a keyboard collector.  In my search I looked for a tactile wireless keyboard, that would really drive everyone nuts at work.  I love those back in the IBM days, they were the greatest ever to type on.  So all of my goodies will be arriving in a couple days.  I was going to have stuff shipped to work but instead opted to let it come to the house and then I can carry what I need to work.  Plus the keyboard will need time to have the batteries charge.  I got a new tempered glass screen protector, actually there are 2 in the package for $8 and I also grabbed up a Lifeproof case.  Just to have it on hand since I don’t really use my mophie all that much.  I won’t part with my mophie but may switch cases to change things up a bit.  Got a grey blue case.  I wanted all blue but that appears to be not in style.  Phone cases can be cheap or super expensive, all depends upon what you want to pay.  Amazon had some pretty good deals. 

Going to get the mail tonight and drive by the bar that serves taco’s on Tuesdays.  I hope my refund check from the power company is waiting for me, I am eager to get that.  I am sure there will be other things waiting for me like bills, but that is expected.  Not welcomed but expected. 

Gearing up for my next conference call.  Need to take a bit of a walk and then back to the fun.  Hope all is well on your Taco Tuesday. 

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