29 March 2016

Mess 2 Clean up

I love Diet Mt. Dew Code Red.  I have a can on the way to work every day.  The colder the better.  I like it to be slushy but not frozen.  I have a separate beverage refrigerator for this purpose.  It’s something that I got many years ago.  Someone had to have 5 flavors of soda in the house and it would take up a lot of room in the regular fridge so I got this special unit to accommodate his need.  It’s been used to keep food but only for a day or two, nothing long term.  It’s the size of a dorm fridge so there isn’t a whole lot of room.  In any case I went to grab a can this morning only to find that one of them exploded.  I cleaned up as much of it as I could but I had to get out the door.  Tonight I will have to finish the job, oh fun!

Bear is back to using his bed and the pads, sure hope it stays that way.  I love that he is back to his old ways.  If all goes well I might be able to clean the carpet before the hot weather rolls in so the house doesn’t smell.  Just like the soda mess, not a job that I want to do but one that I need to do. 

Had a piece of cold pizza and heated up some Mac & Cheese for supper last night.  Saved 1/2 of the Mac & Cheese for tonight and will probably incorporate some BBQ Pork along with it.  That is the plan but who knows how it will actually turn out? 

So we made it past Monday and it’s only Tuesday.  I am having a difficult time keeping my emotions in check as I struggle to make it to Thursday afternoon.  I will survive because that is just what I do. 

Looking forward to watching ABC’s The Real O’Neals tonight along with Tosh.O on Comedy Central.  I am sad that Shameless (on Sundays) will air it’s season finale this week.  So far as I know it, the show won’t be back with a new season until January 2017.  That is a long time to wait but I do it every year.  It’s the only reason why I subscribe to Showtime.  They have some other stuff that interests me but the series is the main reason. 

So unless something newsworthy happens I suppose this is Tuesday’s post.  Back to reality for me.  Hope you have an awesome day!

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