23 March 2016

How did it go?

Actually very well.  It was short and to the point.  A quick review of my resume, asked me a couple behavioral questions (which I hate) and then we talked about money.  Next step will be an interview with the hiring manager.  Should happen next week.  Apparently they are swamped and really want someone.  However, the posting doesn’t close until the end of next month. 

I am totally ready to talk with the hiring manager, it might be a panel of people not sure just yet.  I don’t think there will be any strangers.  This would also be an autonomous position as the manager is way out west.  I’ve chatted with our office manager and he said that he would envision that I would get an office.  If so it’s just an extra perk that comes with the job.  If not it won’t be the end of the world.  I can imagine that I will move just because people will be stopping by looking for me to help them with their computer trouble. 

I know that if this doesn’t pan out I will be disappointed and probably go into a depression over it.  However, the bright side is that I get to keep my present job.  I hope that only good things happen, this would be an awesome victory if I am successful.  Stay tuned to find out. 

Almost time to go fight traffic and then figure out what I am going to have for supper.  Looking forward to time away from technology for the evening. 

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