30 March 2016

What day of the week is it?

Woke up this morning knowing that it was Wednesday.  Got to the bathroom and went to take my morning pills and Wednesday was empty.  Oh gosh is today Thursday and I am just a day behind.  Nope, there is still 3 bananas left.  Last night I took my morning pills for Wednesday.  It’s things like this that make me wonder if I am going crazy.  I know perfectly well why this happened.  I was having a conversation with someone at work about the guy from work that set a boundary, you know.  Well that situation still bothers me.  I am hurt and I am angry, plus I still have feelings for him.  It’s just messed up.  I saw him twice today already and we still have yet to speak to each other.  I don’t know if it’s going to happen and I really have other more pressing things to be concerned with but my mind reverts back to the small stuff. 

So cleaning the fridge last night, that was a hoot.  There is ice build up in the small freezer portion.  It’s a mammoth block of ice that keeps growing.  I tried to chip away at it with a screwdriver but that was a futile attempt.  Then I got out the propane torch and we melted some ice.  Problem is I had a huge mess on my hands and the block of ice was still mostly in tact.  Time was also a factor.  I was well past treat time and the children were upset.  So I had to wrap things up.  Turned the fridge back on and lined it with pee pads to catch any lingering water and put in a couple of plastic bowls.  It’s all good now.  I got everything cleaned but I didn’t do anything with the shelves other than remove them.  So tonight I get to clean the shelves and put them back in.  At some point I need to deal with the ice issue which is what helped to contribute to the soda explosion.  For now I am just going back to business as usual because doing otherwise is exhausting!

Were super short staffed today.  One guy quit last week, another one is out on Paternity Leave, Another one called in sick and two more are on vacation.  Yeah it’s a crazy ass day and that means I am stuck on the phone except for lunch.  Not happy about that but it will help pass the time and we can move on to the part where I go home and figure out what is for supper. 

Excited to go home and get my tire caps from Amazon, yeah that will be the thrill of the day for me.  Plus paying bills what a hoot.  Looking forward to watching TV and relaxing.  Thunderstorms for the ride home so I will for sure be later than normal because everyone drives like they have never seen water fall from the sky.  It’s water not dollar bills.  Imagine that dollar bills falling from the sky.  I wouldn’t be on the road I would be on the sidewalk collecting them as fast as I could.  If only that would happen. 

Back to reality now. 

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