23 March 2016

First Step

Late yesterday afternoon HR reached out and I have a phone screen setup this afternoon.  They reserved 30 minutes but who knows if we will use all that time.  If I can convince the HR person that I have the basic skill sets that apply to this position then I will get moved on, otherwise they have the power to kill my chances.  Now that I have had plenty of time to think, I’d really like to give this position a shot so hopefully all goes well.

On the home front some kid rang my door bell last night.  I mean the sign I put up a couple weeks ago pretty well says it all, short of don’t bother me and go away.  I didn’t answer the door and eventually he went away, backpack and clipboard in hand.  I’m thinking he had to be selling something.  If I would have had clothes on I would have answered the door out of sheer curiosity. I personally would hate to be the first person that I answer the door on, because as soon as they tell me they are peddling something I am going to ask if they completed high school and can read the English language.  Then I am going to point to the sign and tell them to go away.  I well remember the door to door sales I made as a kid.  I thought just because I was young people would feel sorry and would buy something, not so.  I got more doors slammed in my face that I thought I would.  It’s a tough lesson to learn but rejection is part of life.  I know it hurts because like I said I have had my fair share but if I saw a sign that said were not interested I would not waste my time and would move on.

I wasted a bunch of time last night trying to get two factor authentication setup for my Facebook account.  It was much harder than it needed to be but after yelling and trying to follow the instructions I had some ideas of my own and tried them, sure enough got it working.  Now I’d like to use Duo instead of a text message code, Facebook authenticates with Duo and it adds the account to my list of accounts but when I put in the key it keeps telling me there was an error.  That has me perplexed and I am not sure that I can move past that point.  However, at least I got the whole 2 factor thing working, which makes me feel a little safer. 

Got to watch The Real O’Neals last night and it was good.  I hope that show stays on for a very long time.  I started to make it through Tosh.O but I got drowsy and decided to call it a night.  Then I had the strangest dream but it was interesting.  Woke up realized that I had about an hour, turned on the heat and used the bathroom.  Summoned Marvin to my room and we eventually fell back asleep only in time for a wake up call.  Morning comes around way too fast!

Looking forward to tonight, spending time with the kids and watching Comedy Wednesday.  Looks like all of my favs will be on.  So hopefully I will be laughing a lot.  Outside of that it’s just normal life stuff and emotions that I am dealing with.  We are rapidly approaching the 3 year anniversary and I find that my emotions and mood reflect that.  I can’t believe my worst nightmare came true and it will be 3 years, still very much feels like yesterday.  I don’t know if it will ever truly age in my mind and if I will loose the feeling that it feels like yesterday, I suppose only time will tell. 

Okay time to start this day of fun.  Happy middle of the week.

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