08 March 2016


Made it through a nice night of not being woken up by a phone call.  Wish I would have slept straight through the night but my bladder woke me up.  The house was a little chilly, I went back to bed and turned on the electric blanket and was all toasty warm within minutes.  I have an intolerance to heat but there are times when it just feels good.

Mr. Bear seems to be doing a little bit better at least from a social perspective.  I know the problem is still there.  The antibiotic has caused diarrhea and of course it didn’t hit until I was ready to go to bed.  So I had to deal with that first.  Wow cleaning up after him sure is a taxing task that has gotten way old way fast.  I love him but at the same time he runs me ragged.  This morning I had to open a second can of food because he didn’t like the first can.  He knows how to work me.  Then I had to move his food like 3 or 4 times because he had to get comfortable.  He whirs at me and will eventually lead to meowing if I don’t comply.  I know most people would give up at this point, he’s been through hell and back.  We have made it through far worse stuff so I am confident that he will make it through this.  I remember the vet said that it’s common that this can reoccur and I think but for the fact that I gave him dry food last week this wouldn’t be an issue.  He is eating and drinking so it will just be a timing factor on carefully flushing this stuff out of his bladder.  It is almost worth putting him in the hospital and letting them flush it out with a catheter and saline, but it would be very costly.  Given my financial situation the less money I have to spend the better off I am.  I don’t want to put him or any of the other animals in jeopardy because I am being thrifty and if push comes to shove I am not afraid of going to the vet, but my wallet is.

I got my signs last night and put one up as soon as I got home.  It looks great and I think it screams go away and don’t bother me.  I got the deadbolt lock for the screen door as well.  I remembered it is white on the inside so I thought the same for the outside but nope it’s gold or brass outside.  So I will have a white lock it’s not the end of the world.  So long as it fits and works I will be a happy guy.  There are two keys so I am set there, just need to swap out the present lock for the new one and as long as it fits then I should be fine.  That is a weekend job, I could probably knock it out in an evening given a couple of hours but I’d rather relax and save it for the weekend. 

Work is busy and stressful.  Thankfully I got my full lunch hour today.  I started early so I still feel like they owe me time.  Anyway, I usually walk out at night with a coworker.  I went to her cube last night as I normally do and she wasn’t there.  She left without even saying a word.  Rude.  Call it holding a grudge but I am just going to start walking out alone at night, if you can’t bother to tell me your leaving early or even saying something the next day then why should I waste my time with being concerned with walking out together.  I keep getting put in situations like this one where it seems the message is you can’t depend upon others, you have to do it yourself if you want it done right.  Maybe I am over reacting but this situation made me mad. 

It’s like this guy at work that keeps telling me he is going to fix me up with a friend of his that just came out.  Well he used that story of his friends coming out to bait me in to telling him that I was gay because he is a nosy sob.  I fell for it even though my gut told me don’t do it.  We have spoken about this many times and he keeps telling me to remind him.  Yeah I think I have done more than my part.  I have even confronted him and told him that I thought he tool advantage of me and that he has no intention of following through.  He has tried to reassure me that is not the case but his actions say otherwise.  I used to stop in and talk with him a couple times during the day.  I also have a wicked crush on him and I think he knows that as well.  He’s straight and married.  Anyway, I decided last week that it was time to put some distance between us.  I have legit been busy but there were times I could have stopped in.  He actually came to my desk this morning and reminded me that I should visit him.  I didn’t turn it into a confrontation but I easily could have.  My goal is not to make an enemy but to just not go out of my way to stop by.  I am pissed at him and at myself because I fell for this.  He does seem interested in me as a person in that he doesn’t want me to off myself and that if I know any inside dirt that he wants to know.  Will he reciprocate?  nope.  It doesn’t have to be like that but his actions are dictating my reaction.  I am just tired of it.

Just heard that I have to setup a bunch of guest offices and they all have to be done by tonight, so guess it’s time to get back to it.  Fun stuff.  Talk with you peeps again soon. 

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