26 March 2016

Easter Weekend

No news on my quest at work.  I am hoping that HR reaches out next week and schedules an interview.  The longer we go the more I want this opportunity, I think it will be good for me.  Provided all goes well I know that I will miss helping people with their PC problems but I still will have the opportunity to help, it’s just that I will be calling them and it will be because they have a virus or security risk on their machine.  So I won’t exactly be the person that you will want a phone call from but someone has to play that part. 

I realized yesterday that I had to go to the grocery store either Friday night or on Saturday.  I elected to go today.  Good thing because I got $10 off my bill, it was a special coupon that expired today.  Turns out they pass these out all the time but you have to shop Thursday thru Saturday.  Come in on a Sunday and you are out of luck. $10 must be a popular coupon because the pet food store sent me an email and it had a $10 coupon to print out, so I saved a cool $20 this weekend.  Not bad at all!

I had to work on ye old car today.  On my way to work earlier this week some rocks hit the windshield.  I got a crack and a couple of chips out of it.  I wasn’t thrilled about it but this is minor damage, it’s not like I need a new windshield.  Although with the amount of chips in my windshield I will say that I am on my way.  I just hope that I can hold out until it’s time to trade.  I have 2 kits to fix just this sort of thing.  One the resin was all dried up.  The other there wasn’t a lot of resin left.  I opted not to follow the instructions and just dabbed the resin on the windshield.  I had the car in the sunlight and just let it dry.  I came back a couple hours later, scraped off the excess and wiped down the window.  It’s not pretty but I think it got the job done. I figured might as well check the air pressure in the tires while I am out here.  Did that and found out that I lost 2 tire caps.  Evened out the air pressure and borrowed caps from the truck.  Found replacement caps on Amazon.  The same day that the rock damage occurred, I managed to drop my keys as I got out of the car.  I didn’t think anything of it, then I noticed I did some slight damage to one of my key fobs.  It’s for the alarm system and there is a crack in the housing.  I figured Amazon would have a replacement.  I wasted away an hour and a half trying to hunt down a replacement.  I finally found one but the housing is all white and I really would prefer to keep all black.  The remote still works and there is no major hurry to replace it, as it’s still stable.  Just one of those things that I wanted to inquire about so when the day comes to replace it I know where to go. 

Speaking of Amazon, they did manage to get some of my money out of me today.  I had to order more pee pads and since I was doing that I needed a little of this, some of that and you know that one item.  Pretty soon I was kissing $50 good bye.  Funny how that works.  I am also running out of Cologne It’s Gucci by Gucci for Men.  Damn that is some expensive stuff.  I don’t wear it often, I mean it’s taken me at least 2 to 3 years to go through a 3oz spray bottle.  Still I couldn’t justify the cost right now.  I want a replacement bottle but it will have to wait.  I have other cologne to wear.  If you ever get the urge to buy anything with pheromones to attract either the opposite or the same sex, don’t waste your money that shit doesn’t work. 

I think I am winning the war against my blood sugar.  Last night when I came home I was tired.  Checked my sugar and it was 83.  I had some food and that perked me up for a little bit.  Even ate something sweet and checked after an hour and it was still well within the acceptable limit.  The doctors office never has called back to say only take 1 drug or take them both.  Good thing this is working out so well and someone is not coming to scrape me up off of the floor. 

Easter is tomorrow.  All of my errands outside of the house are done.  I can stay home all day if I want to.  Not sure that I will.  There is a cook at Steak N Shake that I have had my eye on.  My regular waitress is supposed to ask him if he likes guys, if I get there early enough I can ask him myself but that means peeling myself out of bed at 6:30a, not exactly sure that I want to do that on a non work day.  He is kind of worth it but since I am batting a thousand my guess is that he will say he’s only in to girls.  Anyway I will probably have breakfast out tomorrow, may take the truck out to get gas and that would be the extent of my running.  Easter has bad juju for me.  It’s close to the time when I lost the love of my life.  In fact the actual date will be approaching next Monday.  This is a very difficult time of year and I find myself on the sea saw rollercoaster when it comes to emotions and depression.  That is why I am hoping so much for the new job at work, if they wrap this up quickly I hopefully will be able to associate something positive with this time of year instead of reflecting on my loss.  I also usually get an invite to my friends house to celebrate Easter but no such invite this year.  Perfectly okay, I mean to me it’s just another day, really. 

So the guy at work that told me I was only his coworker, well were not speaking to each other.  Anyway, I got a chocolate rabbit for Easter from a friend at work.  I ate the damn thing in like 3 bites.  Serving size said 1 rabbit, I thought that was kind of funny.  Anyway, I took special care of open the box.  I sealed it back up with the insert in it, just no bunny.  Then I placed it on his desk upside down, so when he comes in on Monday he will think he got candy and he won’t have shit.  It is the kind of thing that I would do if we were speaking.  However, this is like revenge.  Now he will probably think that I did it but I am fairly certain he won’t say a thing.  If I am asked I will deny it.  I told the person that gave me the bunny what I wanted to do and I was advised against it.  I was told that door is closed and as much as you hope and want him to open it again, he isn’t going to.  He’s not worth your time, walk away.  Did I listen?  Of course not.  Tell me not to do something and it can turn into motivation to do it. 

Everyone here is doing okay.  Bear needs a bath and the house needs to be cleaned but that is what tomorrow is for.  I am still doing battle with the ants.  I found a couple in the children’s water today.  I cleaned it out and got rid of them.  I don’t see any new ones so hopefully we are done.  I really don’t like them especially when they are on the inside of any part of my house.  Ick.

There you have it all of the low and highlights of the past few days.  Not looking forward to Monday because the guy that is supposed to be on call left.  So they will be asking for a volunteer or maybe they won’t.  Not sure if anyone will notice or say anything.  I am keeping my mouth shut.  The extra money would be nice but I really don’t want the aggravation that comes with it.  I think most of my coworkers feel the same way.  We have to have someone on call and that’s fine just as long as it’s not me.  I’d like to fast forward through the week if possible, get to the good parts and skip any and all of the bad.  Then have the weekend again.  Wouldn’t it be nice if it could work that way?  Probably better it doesn’t work that way because I could see me fast forwarding through my life much like a TV show skipping the commercials.  My life would be over before I knew it. 

So 2 quick jokes and then I am going to go.  How do you catch a unique rabbit?  You neak up on it.  How do you catch a tame rabbit?  Tame way.  Those are my Easter jokes.  Take care and be well.  We shall talk again soon.

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