21 March 2016

Sprung Spring

So Spring has Sprung.  You couldn’t tell that by the weather here.  Snow & Rain yesterday, very cold this morning feels like Winter.  However, we are going to warm up into the 50’s today so maybe by this afternoon Spring will be in the air.  It’s nice to see the seasons change.  However, with it comes a host of headaches for me.  I’ve got allergies so they will no doubt rear their ugly head.  Then there is Lawn Boy who no doubt will be knocking on the door or stopping by and just cutting the grass.  Once that starts it’s like a merry go round that doesn’t end until much later in the year. 

The weekend was just okay for me.  I managed to get in some sleep, gave Big Boy his bath which oddly enough he loved this time.  I hit the spot where it itched most and that just made him want more and more.  I got him all clean, lasted about an hour or two and he’s back to being dirty again.  I said I was going to break out the diaper but just don’t have the heart to do that to him.  I think it would create more of a problem.  Although at some point we are going to try them.

Fixed my squeaky shower head, soaked the whole thing in CLR for a couple hours.  Back to spraying normal and no more squeak.  I thought I had the refrigerator/freezer fixed but that turned out to be false hope.  I pulled it out of the wall, removed the cardboard cover and vacuumed up as much fur and dirt as I could see.  That stuff really collects in there, probably a good idea every few months to pull this thing out and repeat that process.  I pushed it back into place and it kicked on, sounded perfectly normal.  Then in about 30 minutes the growling started.  When I first heard it I thought something was seriously wrong with Ruth.  Nope just another appliance warning me that sooner or later it is going to vacuum out my wallet. 

All of the usual weekend chores got done.  I am behind on TV.  Didn’t get to see Quantico last night but hopefully I will tonight.  I went to fill the water fountain for the kids before I left and noticed that the ants are back.  I set out a fresh bowl of water away from the fountain and unplugged  it.  I will be dealing with that creepy crawly mess tonight.  I hate dealing with ants because it feels like they are crawling on my skin.  I am going to put the whole thing in the dish washer to make sure they are totally dead and the fountain is clean again.  Then I’ll break out the ant spray and hopefully this will be the last time I have to deal with them for a while. 

Ruth is becoming more trusting of me, I think she realizes that I won’t hurt her.  She seeks me out for attention and of course her sister gets jealous.  Last night Ruth even stole my spot on the couch.  I sat on the love seat and we watched TV together for a while.  Then she left.  I enjoyed spending time with her and her not freaking out just because I was nearby.  She won’t put herself in a position to be picked up, I mean she is trusting but only to a point.  Try anything and she will rip you to shreds.  I don’t do anything other than petting or scratching and she is okay with that.  We talk a little bit sometimes.  Would be nice if I could make a lap cat out of her but I don’t think that will ever happen.  Then again I never thought I would really start to bond with her. 

Now it’s time to start work.  I really don’t want to be here.  Everything started out fine and then I got here and now I am ready to leave.  I hope to have an answer today to find out if I can apply for the opening.  Kind of apprehensive about it, but applying doesn’t mean it’s mine just that my name is in the hat.  If it’s offered to me I have to agree to it. 

As always looking forward to Friday.  I think part of the reason why I don’t want to be here is because of the events of last week and losing what I thought what was a friend.  I really miss him, but I made it before without him and I know that I can do it again.  Okay here goes nothing.  Hope you have a great Monday!

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