13 March 2016

Busy, tired and stressed


The days have been long and the night short.  It seems like I no more than get home and have supper and it’s time to go back to work.  This week we had guests from out of town coming so I had to scramble to do a last minute setup for them.  We had Video Conferencing issues with one of our rooms.  A guy dropped his laptop 3 weeks ago.  The asset manager found that the serial number was wrong on the replacement laptop I gave him.  It was something in BIOS so Dell had to come out to fix it.  I got a message yesterday that his replacement machine crashed.  I got his original laptop back from Dell, it was damaged so much I needed to send it in.  They went over it with a fine tooth comb and now aside from some blemishes it looks like a new machine.  I will be configuring that for him tomorrow.  The guy that sits next to me made a huge mistake and deleted the wrong thing for a user, thankfully it was something that was fixable.  However, he said it was because of the crappy monitors he had.  We have the same thing.  I am not a huge fan of them either.  So because of him he got new monitors and so did I.  It looks like I have 2 televisions sitting on my desk.  Very nice!

The lady that left without me the one night, turns out she had to take care of something personal.  I talked with her about it and were good again.

The guy that is playing games with trying to set me up with his pal.  Well I confronted him as well.  Turns out he was allegedly going to talk with his pal over the weekend so I may have an update tomorrow.  I did something that I never thought I would do.  I told him that I had a crush on him.  He was a little surprised but told me that he was secure in his sexuality and that nothing would happen between us.  I want it to but at the same time I don’t.  I can’t believe I actually told him that I like him, that was clearly someone else in my body acting as me.  It won’t change anything between us.  Were back on speaking terms and I do stop by to see him but it’s been nuts this week so my time has been very limited. 

Friday was a day I looked forward to.  I thought it would be the easy day of the week.  Turns out it was a Fuck You Friday and it was anything but relaxing.  I had an issue on Thursday where as the result of testing I managed to brick someone's brand new mobile phone.  They weren’t happy and got management involved.  I didn’t do anything wrong but the user was really trying hard to throw me under the bus.  He got a new phone but won’t let us touch it and he some how thinks that company email will magically appear on it.  That isn’t going to happen and management told him so.  I am interested to see what he does from here.

Since I spend most of my day at work on the phone my boss got approval to give us all Bluetooth Headsets.  Wow they went first class on this.  It’s a Plantronics and it talks to you and you talk to it.  You push a button and say pair mode and presto it pairs right up.  Then when you get a call it says incoming call answer or ignore.  I think if it was paired with my cell phone it would announce the caller.  Works pretty well.  I’ve been so busy that I barley had time to set it up and have had zero time to read the manual.  Who knows what I am missing out on.  They even sent along a charger you just drop it.  Talk time is a max of 7 hours.  That is a long damn time to talk, I would need a couple gallons of water to ramble for that long. 

Decided to phone a friend (co-worker).  I asked about a position that was advertised, turns out my friend just got a promotion.  The position I was calling about and what was advertised were two different positions.  She got promoted so they just posted her old job.  She thought I was calling about that and well now that I know that I was.  Anyway it is advertised as only available from 2 offices.  She said that her manager would not make me move if I was selected.  I want to hear that from him, no sense in wasting my time and his if that isn’t the case.  I will be phoning him tomorrow to find out.  If that is so then I will apply.  I have to get my boss to sign off on the application, otherwise it goes nowhere.  I kind of hate to tell her that I am interested.  She has been really good to me.  At the same time it’s about growth and new opportunity.  I am staying loyal by not applying for a position that is outside the company.  If I get it I would be on-call more but in this role you aren’t bothered too much with after hours stuff.  So it’s not a big deal.  I spent most of last night fighting with my resume to get it updated.  There are things in that document that I don’t remember how I did them.  Back in the day when I was unemployed for 2 years I had all the time in the world to play with word and make it do tricks.  Now I’ve slept since then and can’t remember so that put me in a pickle.  I made it happen with persistence, just as I battle every problem I encounter.


I got the replacement lock that I ordered for the front door.  That was job one on Saturday.  Wow I could have used some help.  It was so simple but I still managed to screw it up.  There is a spindle that is a small piece of metal that is what does all the work to lock and unlock the door.  You cut it to length and then your in business.  Turns out I cut it too short despite my best estimate.  I spent a couple hours playing with this.  Finally once the damage was done I needed a new spindle but you can only get one if you get a new lock.  Not something that is sold by it’s self.  Well no store around here has a new lock.  So back to Amazon and the new lock will show up tomorrow.  Since I was ordering again I took the time to find one that was brass so it matches the door handle.  I could have replaced the handle and got some fancy lock but that looked like way more work than I wanted to sign up for.  This should be simple to install or so I think.  All I wanted to do was cry.  Not from frustration but my late partner was the tool guy.  I needed something to cut this metal with, he has a Dremel Tool it was one of many things that he put in it’s own toolbox and labeled it.  He was just starting the process of getting organized about a month before he passed.  Seeing all of the work he put in made me sad, it was as if he was nesting knowing that he was leaving.  I just miss him and not sure those feelings will ever end.

Quick cat update…the flood gates have opened and Bear is back to normal.  I got washable diapers for him but have yet to put one on him.  I think that is going to be more of a mess than it’s worth.  I will give it a go eventually.  I am very happy he is back to normal and will not give him any dry food except a limited amount of treats.  Phew, he is still going!


I haven’t heard back from my doctor about the diabetes drug he prescribed, so I started taking it in addition to my regular medicine.  At first there was little effect.  Now it’s kicking my ass.  My blood sugar is very much in control I would argue to a degree that is excessive.  I woke up and my sugar was 89 which is good.  Had breakfast went to the store came home did laundry and finished up the resume.  Skipped lunch (bad idea) took a 1/2 hour nap, woke up and started cleaning the house.  Sat down in front of the computer when I was done and I felt ill – it’s an indescribable feeling but I was shaking and knew that my sugar was way too low.  Sure enough I took it and it was 73, normal is around 100.  I started eating sweets and thankfully things normalized.  Then I was able to come back to the computer.  I think I am going to take less of the old medicine to see if I can’t reach a happy medium.  I checked on line and there is no interaction between the two medicines.  I want my sugar under control to minimize other complications from happening but I have to be able to function.

Now my CRS kicks in (that’s can’t remember shit).  I had a meter to check my sugar at my desk, I have searched high and low but can’t find it  My main meter is upstairs.  I really want to find the second meter so that I can take it to work.  I am not a fan of little pricks but knowing what my sugar level is at is kind of important right now.  My fingers hurt a little from being stabbed but once things normalize I won’t be constantly checking it.  I know I should but again it hurts.  I have heard the ear lobe is the best place to test but that really hurts. 

I think I am on overload because I am wound up with work and other things that are going on in my life.  I haven’t had the ability to practice normal sexual habits and when I tried the other night and failed, I was simply too tired.

Now we had time change this weekend and I feel robbed of more than an hour of time.  Evening comes way too soon when that happens.  Not to mention all of the clocks I had to update.  It’s such a pain in the ass.  Good news is that I will be driving home in daylight bad news is I could be traveling to work for a while in the dark.  It will eventually even out and then I can give my headlights a much needed break. 

Speaking of my car I figured out that I have 30 thousand miles more to go or until 20 Sept 2017 before I have no more warranty.  I purchased an extended bumper to bumper warranty.  Only used it once for a $100 repair.  I hope that the next 30 thousand miles are as uneventful as the 70 thousand I have traveled thus far.  I finally have justification for buying a new car.  Yay me.  Get this other job and make a bunch more money then I will indulge this year for sure.  Otherwise I will be riding it out until the bitter end.


What better way to end a post than with some humor.  Yesterday I had a bunch of stops to make.  The last one was at Sam’s Club.  I needed paper products (towels and Kleenex) as well as Water Softener Salt.  I had to look for the salt but found it.  $5 a bag which is very well priced.  I took two bags.  I started heading back towards the paper products and this lady who was working passing out samples said to me, wow that is a lot of salt.  I said yeah it’s about a years worth. She had this funny look on her face.  I said it’s only $5 a bag so it’s to my benefit to buy in bulk.  Then she inquired you eat that much salt in a year?  I laughed and said oh no, I don’t like salt at all this is for my water softener.  Wow she felt stupid.  I think she saw the Morton logo and just assumed it was salt to be consumed. 

A couple years ago in the middle of winter my brother headed to the store to get salt for the driveway.  Turns out they were all sold out.  The person working there conned him in to buying a bag of water softener salt telling him that it would do the same thing as the regular salt he was looking for but that the pellets were larger.  He fell for it.  It didn’t melt a damn thing, in fact the snow and ice cleared and he had a driveway full of water softener pellets to clean up. 

Okay so those are my 2 salt stories.  Now it’s time to get ready for Sunday Television.  Shameless is up first.  Then Quantico followed by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.  Then it’s time for bed and I get to return to work tomorrow.  Hopefully less stress and more free time, but I kind of doubt it. 

Here’s hope that this week will bring you me and everyone lots of laughs and good news and good things.  Take care and I will talk with you again soon.  I am so excited that spring is almost here I wet my plants!

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