07 March 2016

Back to urine issue

So Bear has had a couple incidents where he was straining but nothing happened.  I didn’t think much of it but then he started going all over himself again and I knew the crystal problem is back.  I pushed on him last night and he yelped.  I eased up and then did it again and nothing.  Turns out I pushed out some urine.  Off to the medicine cabinet I went.

I got out those $42 pills I bought that help with the straining and started him on them, also found left over antibiotics so he’s back on those.  I am not giving him pain medicine because it makes him loopy and I honestly don’t think he is in pain.  He is eating and drinking.  He only wants certain food.  I guess the Beef & Gravy had nothing to do with his puking and it was probably related to the crystal issue. 

I gave him a bath to clean him up last night.  Should have trimmed his claws because he got my arm pretty good.  He really started thrashing around and dug in deep.  I wouldn’t let go and just kept yelling at him to relax.  He hates baths and I get that but I can’t have him smelling like pee.  The bath was over with and I dried him off as best as I could.  He asked to sleep with me so I carried him in my room.  He used the many pee pads I put out overnight but there was a spot where he missed the pad.  He made all kinds of noise to let me know that he needed to be cleaned up but I just wanted my rest.  I took care of him this morning. 

I told him in order to beat this he needs to eat a bunch of wet food and drink as much as he can.  That will flush out the bladder and then we will be past this.  Looks like it’s going to be a rocky week.

I left dry food out for him last week and apparently that along with the treats he eats did him in.  So no more dry food for him.  I will limit treats until he is over this but after that it’s back to treats only.  Shame he is so sensitive.  I just don’t want him to form a blockage because that will probably be the end.

With any luck and my quick action perhaps we can avoid a trip to the vet.  If things don’t clear up by the weekend then he will be going and it won’t matter if he or my wallet likes it, it will be necessary.  I am keeping a close eye on him and of course I am very concerned.  I feel bad because I caused this.  I gave him dry food formulated for urinary tract health, guess that didn’t work out so well. 

Everyone else is doing fine but they are all trying to steal his wet food, they get jealous and he is so nice he will let them eat his food.  I at least make sure he gets something and try to fight everyone off but that only lasts for so long. 

Poor Bears.  I hope he is back to normal very soon.  I’ve shopped and found some diapers for him, they are washable but I think that would just chain me to the washer.  They come 3 in a pack and I am sure he would go through them like crazy.  Plus the mess would probably mean he would get more baths.  I am weighing my options.  The carpet is shot, it needs to be cleaned but there is no replacing it until they are all gone and with any luck that will be years away from now. 

Monday is moving along had some crazy moments but right now it’s calm.  Looking forward to 11:30 when I get away from the phones.  Oh got a 4am wake up call but they didn’t say it was urgent so I got to roll over and go back to sleep.  4 more days.  Happy on call is done!

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