15 March 2016

Locked up

I got the replacement lock last night and got it installed.  It took a little bit of effort because I was conservative with my estimates in shaving off a part of the spindle but after 4 tries I got it just perfect and it works like it’s supposed to.  Thank God that is over with!

Horrible accident last night took me an hour and a half to get home.  So I was behind the 8 ball but I still got a lot accomplished.  Wanted to pay bills but had to put something off and it is okay because today is actually pay day.  So taking care of them tonight.  That is provided my commute is better.  There is supposed to be some construction work that starts tonight and goes for several months, so lets just cross our fingers that I get home at a much more reasonable hour. Otherwise someone is going to have to provide me with a jetpack for travel to and from work.

The guy that I have the crush on here at work got his hair cut.  It’s called a bare skin fade looks more like a high and tight.  Anyway he looks even more delicious today.  I am always innocently flirting with him.  Today was the best I asked a co-worker if they wanted to have a good laugh.  I told them to bring the can on their desk and come with me.  Walked up to the cute guy and said hey there is something I have always wanted to ask you.  Would you like to eat my nuts?  I had the can in my hand and the laughter just erupted everywhere.  It was awesome.  Earlier in the day I took a lancet (the needle that is used to get blood from my finger for my diabetes) and I pulled him aside.  I told him that I brought this to him since I hear his wife likes small pricks.  He laughed.  Then he said you’ve got a weapon.  I said yeah good thing my pants are on so you can’t see it.  This is totally abnormal behavior for me, work is a place to have fun but not to flirt.  I just can’t help myself around him.  I guess I am just hella horny. 

Another one bites the dust here at work.  One of my teammates is leaving and the fucker timed it just right before his on call shift was set.  So now someone will have to pick that up.  It’s extra money but it’s also aggravation.  So long as there is no direct impact to me I am fine.  Kind of happy he is leaving because he does sloppy work in my opinion.  He applied for an afternoon shift job and they gave it to him.  Now that he has it and has had it for a while he wants to move to days.  So they struck a deal with him.  Let us hire someone to replace you and then you can move to days.  Well they didn’t move fast enough so he’s moving out.  Buh Bye is all I have to say. 

Today is the least amount of stress that I have had in two weeks.  I have had a great time today and hope that this theme continues.  Even though I suspect this is going to be short lived. 

On tap for tonight’s TV is The Real O’Neals which is a super funny comedy, you have to see it to understand.  Then a bit later Tosh.O.  Then hopefully to bed and I fall asleep quickly.  Mornings really suck.  Getting the proper amount of rest will be most helpful, but it’s any ones guess if that will happen.

Everything else is status quo.  Kids are normal and I am thankful for that.  I hope that stays the case for a damn long time.  Take care and I will talk with you again soon.

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