21 March 2016


Well I got the go ahead from the hiring manager that if I apply and am chosen for the position, he wouldn’t require that I move.  Very thankful for that.  So I proceeded to get the paperwork filled out.  There is an on-line part where you tell them who you are and how much money you want as well as send a copy of your resume.  Then there is a separate piece that requires you to fill out an Internal Job Application, which has to be signed by your manager.  I am not crazy about getting her signature but I don’t feel it will be a problem.  I mean nothing is changing because of this, it is just me throwing my hat into the ring.  I am sure that the dollar amount I entered is probably super low.  I did a quick Google search, saw what the mid point was and slightly inflated my number. 

Once I hear back from my manager and get the form signed, I need to send it to HR.  That will officially put me in the running.  I know that there are several internal applicants and I am not sure who or how much experience they have. 

I don’t want to get in over my head, so I will be asking questions when interview time rolls around.  It would suck to find out that I got a job that I can’t preform.  There is minimal travel involved and I am certain that for training they would probably have me travel.  We shall see what the future holds.  If it’s meant to be then it will.  If not well good news I still have my job.