02 November 2016


It’s been crazy but I am still going.  Cunty McCunterson as I refer to her now, decided to respond to my email and flip things around, she told me to stop with the dramatic emails, texts and phone calls.  Funny thing is I’ve never been dramatic with her, looking through our text history was a sobering reminder that once again I was right and she was wrong.  However, I decided to not respond to her email and instead engaged the boss.  He talked to her.  We are both doing our jobs and only interact with the other when we have to.  I honestly think that she is bi-polar and needs to be on medicine.  I talked to a couple random co-workers of hers and they too agree.  She swings from one end of the spectrum to the other.  It’s clear that I am on her naughty list and while that is fine by me, I can’t wait until Christmas.  She always sends cookies, this year I am sending them back to her with a note, I only accept gifts from friends please don’t send me anything ever again.  I think that will make her feel like she had made me feel, plus it will ring home the point that she fucked with the wrong person. 

Work has not been the same since last week, it’s been super busy in trying to catch up.  Cunty found a bunch of errors and like the bitch she is, she just had to report them to the boss to show that I am not perfect.  Hey this is my first big gaggle of people to get out of the system and while I was far from perfect, I have been told that I did an excellent job.  I myself wouldn’t call it excellent, I would call it average.  It was a lot of pressure and required extreme focus, the day started and I would blink and the day would be done. 

So here we are at the middle of the week.  I am so numb.  Didn’t help that we had a fire drill this week.  My legs are killing me from doing the stairs.  Hopefully that will subside soon because it really hurts, even to sit still which is something that I almost never do.  Wiggle here and wiggle there I am that body in motion that stays in motion, even in my sleep. 

My friend called on Monday and said that his wife was back in the hospital and she had a hernia and likely another abscess.  She was looking at surgery which would set things back.  I got a call yesterday and the doctor came in and took another look and pressed on her stomach – no hernia but there was an abscess.  It hurt but when he was done she felt so much better.  Sounds like she will be coming home today.  Then I found out that they didn’t get a large enough tissue sample from her stomach so they need more.  They say that there is something bad going on but they can’t be 100% that it’s cancer w/o taking another sample.  What a bunch of crap.  It’s like the light switch it’s on or off, there is no in-between.   They have to know what she has but I think they want to double confirm it before they disclose the final results.  It sounds really bad to me, I am hoping for the best but prepared to hear the worse. 

The car dealer just called, there are new rebates out and they can save me a ton of money like $40 per month.  It makes it more attractive and I want to give in so bad.  We will just have to see how strong my will power is, I may just give in.  I deserve it but at the same time I am afraid of financial commitment of any kind, shape, size or length. 

The kids are all doing well (knock wood).  They want attention from me and no matter how much I give they always want more.  It’s the same thing with food.  There are limits and I believe they know that there is tension in my life right now.  I appreciate each one of them and realize that today could be our last day together – because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.  Appreciate what you have today because it could easily all be gone tomorrow. 

Now it’s back to work got some actual work to do, need to watch a webinar and do some reading.  Then a meeting this afternoon and a couple hours after that it will be once again time to travel the road to get home to see the furry creatures. 

Hope all is going well in your world.  Take care. 

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