06 November 2016

BIG news

Friday I took a 1/2 day off.  I traded in the truck and my car for a new Focus.  This will be my 3rd Focus since they came out.  I have had great luck (minus the a/c blowing up) with them.  I got the Titanium model with a 2.0 L Turbo Charged Engine.  Gets 38mpg Highway.  Plus it takes Flex Fuel so I can put in E85 or Unleaded (87 octane), it’s not recommended that you constantly change.  Pick one type of fuel and stick with it.  Here’s the best part, run synthetic oil and your oil won’t need to be changed for 7,500 to 10,000 miles.  The car is super smart and it will tell you when you need maintenance.  I really wanted blue but they had a crappy shade of blue and that car didn’t have all of the features that I wanted.  So I opted to buy my first ever black car.  I hear they really hold the heat in the summer and they are a bitch to keep clean.  Well I guess I get to see that for myself first hand.  The most difficult thing is getting used to the fact there is no key.  You carry a fob with you and as long as the car sees the fob, you put your foot on the brake and press the start button.  This is truly a high end vehicle and is really decked out.  I am very proud and pleased with my purchase.  I got an extended warranty and got credit for my old warranty, so that helped.  Factor in rebates and my discount, I feel like I stole the car from them.  Financed for 77 months and payments are around $280.  First payment is due the middle of next month.  Begrudgingly I went with the last place I financed with only because there was a special rate and they also offered me a discount.  I could have gone with Capital One and gotten 2.49% but that would have only been for 72 months and that means higher payments.  I also could have gone with FMCC for 0 percent but again the term would have been 60 months and the payment would have been even higher.  So I think I made the right move, I can always pay extra and pay it off early.  As if that is going to happen. 

It was 6:30p before I got home on Friday night.  I was really zapped from having to clean out two cars, spend time waiting, signing all of the documents and then getting educated on how to use my new rolling computer. 

Saturday I had to go back to the dealer, I forgot to give them a remote.  They had a license plate for me so it worked out well.  On the way there the tire pressure monitoring system threw a warning. So I had them air up the tires and that fixed the problem.  They were like 1 pound off – colder weather makes the TPMS sensitive.  Summer you won’t have any issues at all. 

The other news is the guy at Cracker Barrel.  I went there yesterday but he wasn’t working so I came back today knowing that I would see him for sure.  He popped up out of no where and chatted me up.  I was nervous but the time was finally right and I asked him out.  He said yes but then said that he works all the time.  There was no effort on his part to exchange numbers.  My table was ready so I had my food.  On the way out I gave him a piece of paper with my phone number on it.  I said hey call me sometime if you want to get together.  I got an alright out of him.  Somehow I don’t think this one is going to come to fruition but then again it might.  I won’t be eating there next weekend but will do so the following week.  Need to give him some space and don’t want to freak him out.  So I am in wait and see mode, which I hate.  He’s really cute and I hope that he calls, but I won’t hold my breath.

Welcome to time change weekend.  I had no nap today, Gator had me up at 7 and I have been going since then.  Went to 3 post offices to use a kiosk to mail another certified letter.  All 3 of them took my money but failed to issue postage.  I was livid to say the least.  I have to wait for the charges to appear on my credit card and then will file disputes against all 3.  I sent letters to the respective postmasters and to consumer affairs in the hopes they will willingly fork over my money and not require me to visit each post office in person.  They have wasted enough of my time, gasoline and not to mention my patience.  I really like the kiosk but when they don’t issue postage and take your money that makes me want to smash the shit out of the machine.  I saved 1 other person from giving the machine money, shame I wish they were in line ahead of me then they could have saved me.  Now I have to take the letter to work and have them mail it and then the postage will be deducted from my check.  I hate that but it’s either that or take another 1/2 day to mail a letter.  That would not be a wise use of my time.

Cat update.  I’ve got a sick Marvin.  He’s got diarrhea and has had it for a few days.  I gave him pills to help stop that.  I also managed to get him to sit still and gave him some fluids.  I am a regular Dr. Doolittle.  I have to keep my eye on him.  I’d like to fix this myself and not engage the vet but at the same time I won’t play with this either.  He has lost weight and I am worried about him.  I’m pretty sure he is a diabetic with the amount of water he drinks.  If I am right I can’t afford insulin unless it’s super cheap and really don’t want to chase him down to give him a shot everyday.  I do well giving him pills and that is a struggle.  You think he took it and then in an hour you will find it on the floor.  He is truly the master of disguise. 

I am late to Shameless.  Going to have a slice of Chocolate Pecan Pie from Cracker Barrel and watch the show.  Then it will be time for bed and tomorrow will be here in a hurry.  I don’t really want to go back to work, I just want to go drive forever.  Really in love with my purchase and I would have never gotten the deal I did w/o help from my late partner.  His vehicle in trade along with the discount I got really helped.  I feel like he is still with me.  I walked in to Outback Steakhouse yesterday and there wasn’t anyone behind me.  The lady said oh party of 2.  I looked around and said, no party of 1.  That was eerie and odd.

Have a great week ahead.  I hope everyone votes on Tuesday and will be so thankful that the election is done, the commercials will stop, the junk mail will stop and hopefully the right person wins.  Tuesday’s decision will forever change and shape the future of the US.  Let’s hope for the best and pray we don’t have to even think about the worst.  Cheers!

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Jude said...

Congrats on the new wheels! Good luck with the Cracker Barrel guy, and I hope Marvin is ok.