17 November 2016

1 week away–Turkey Day

Just got a call and confirmed my reservations for next week.  So looking forward to this, but I say that every year.  I have a lot to be thankful for and maybe next year at this time I’ll have a boyfriend.  Hurry up love ferry bring me my man, I am ready. 

Speaking of men it’s that time of year when you start to place calendar orders, or at least I do.  There are a few calendars that are worth paying for.  I don’t seem to come across free calendars these days and lots of people just use their smart phone.  I like to have a place to write stuff down, so I can see it staring me in the face.  Such as the countdown to trim Ruth’s claws, which I really don’t look forward to.  Anyway I placed an order for 2 guy calendars to be clear they are naked men.  Amazon said that 1 of the calendars was delivered yesterday.  Okay so after a long day and a horrible commute home I thought I would open the package and look at some nice eye candy.  Instead I got a calendar of flowers that was ordered by Barbara someone in Ohio.  The packing slip and calendar both came to me in a package addressed to me.  Never had Amazon screw up like this.  The flowers were nice but I would have rather seen hot hunks.  I was thinking gee if she got what I ordered isn’t she going to be quite surprised and possibly offended.  What if she is an old lady and this gives her a heart attack?  I called Amazon and got everything squared away I told them if she got what I ordered she will really be surprised.  The customer service person agreed with me.  I am returning the flower calendar and they are going to send me the man calendar I ordered.  This should have pissed me off but instead I just died laughing because it was so funny. That will make for interesting conversation at the Thanksgiving table. 

The guy calendar that I ordered is supposed to be delivered today, along with a new phone holster.  I love my Mophie but there plastic holsters are junk.  I’ve gone through at least 5 of them and the last one broke earlier this week.  I have a replacement but I know that I will be headed down the same path.  So I bought something made from fabric that should be much more durable or so I hope.  If I upgrade phones then this will be useless but for the time being I hope it serves me well.  I would like to upgrade phones but it’s not that high on my list of things to do. 

I got a fraud ticket yesterday and it was involved and took up about 3 hours of my time, there was little time to eat lunch.  It was like stuff it in your mouth, chew and keep on working.  Engaged my boss for help and we pretty well covered all of the bases.  This was fraud between a vendor and an employee and didn’t involve the company but because of who the employee was we had to get involved, despite there being little we could do.  Then comes time to leave and I found myself stuck in a horrible traffic jam, wound up taking a different route to get home, meanwhile the phone is buzzing the whole way home.  I had some work to do once I got home but thankfully it was very little. 

The Cunt I work with sent me a message and saw that a couple days I was really pelted with tickets, she said that I did a good job of handling things on my own.  Aw how sweet.  Of course she has to mention how busy she was and that she was overwhelmed.  Now who’s being dramatic?  I wish she would fly to the moon and never come back.  She just grates on my last nerve.  I was thinking she claims to be a Christian but her behavior was far from Christian.

Heard from my friend, his wife is still in the hospital.  They are doing some further testing, no one seems to be able to come to a clear conclusion on what type of cancer she has and how they are going to treat it.  Meanwhile it’s running rampant in her body and is very aggressive.  It makes no sense to me as to why the doctors are dragging their feet.  The one oncologist said when you come in to my office next Friday I will have a plan of attack for you.  That was not what I expected him to tell me.  Someone needs an ass chewing and needs to get with the program, this is a persons life we are talking about and every second you delay treatment the cancer doesn’t stop, it actually gets worse.  I really think he has a malpractice case on his hands regardless if she lives or dies.  I hope there is a plan in place soon so she can at least try to beat this.  I don’t know that she is going to be successful, even though no one has said it yet from a medical point of view, I have serious doubts that she will make it through this.  At the rate things are going if they don’t do something quickly, we (my friend and I) believe that she will be dead by Christmas.  I really don’t want to console someone over the loss of their spouse, despite having been through it myself.  He is finding true to form what I found out, lots of people say they will be there for you but when your time of need comes around, they are no where to be found.  Why make an offer or commitment that you know your not going to keep, it makes no sense.  However, people do it all the time.  Say what you mean and mean what you say, a simple rule to live by.  I suppose he will catch up with me over the weekend, I don’t like to bother him but want him to know that I do truly care and am happy to help where & when I can.  I have sent several cards & notes.  I haven’t visited her since she had her initial surgery.  Right now seeing her as he describes her would be traumatic for my psychological well being.  I really hope this situation turns around for the better and that I am wrong about her not making it. 

Got a massage today and much to my surprise there were not deep knots, there still were knots but it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it has in the past.  I hope that I will be in good shape come tomorrow morning.  Right now I feel pretty good but that is no judge of how I will feel tomorrow or even in a couple hours. 

Stopping to pick up mail tonight, then home to grab my packages and feed the children.  Have to get the trash out and prep for Friday.  Then I will finally get to eat and try to relax and sort through the mail.  I know there is medicine waiting for me, who knows what else will be there.  I just know that it wont be anything political and for that I am thankful.  I got way too much junk mail over the course of the election. 

Marv slept with me last night he stayed in the whole night and didn’t wake me up once.  I woke up but it was due to a dream and then back to sleep it was. Ruth has started to come into my room at night to be with her sister and mother.  I can get up and do whatever she is just frozen and pays me no attention unless I become a threat.  Really quite a surprise for me to see her behave this way.  She has ripped out a patch of fur on her tale and back leg.  Not sure what that is about but the rest of her fur is intact.  She is fine otherwise so no reason to panic or overreact.  I just monitor her along with everyone else.  They all know how to work me and they do a fine job of that. 

So our building at work uses a system called workspeed, it’s a common system to help manage a building.  Certain people have access and can put in work orders.  I have 2 lights above my desk that burned out.  I said something 2 days ago and they have yet to be replaced.  I think they need to rename the system to slowspeed instead of workspeed.  It’s actually dark around the corner of my cube and there have been a couple of near misses.  Hopefully they can get this taken care of soon.

Now it’s time to wrap this all up in a little bow and get back to work.  Crazy weather we are having now.  Cold yesterday.  Today is back to summertime and over the weekend the bottom is supposed to fall out and we go into the freezer but a warm up is on the way on Monday.  I hate see saw weather, just pick a temperature and stay there until it’s time to change.  Not sure if I am changing to long sleeves over the weekend or putting it off.  Never celebrated turkey day in short sleeves, that will be odd. 

Hope all is well in your world, take care and we shall talk again soon.

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