27 November 2016

After Thanksgiving Post

Good Day Everyone!  I have really enjoyed my time off and am sad that today is the last day and then it’s back to a five (5) day work week reality.  Ah, you have to have some way to pay bills and since I didn’t win the lottery back to the daily grind. 

I took a couple days to relax and enjoy myself.  I had Thanksgiving with my friends, they picked up the tab and that means they divided up the food.  I got a decent amount but I didn’t get any Pumpkin Cheesecake and wasn’t terribly happy about that.  However, it was a free meal.  They were the very first passengers in my new car.  I had to do some arm twisting to get them to ride with me.  They are larger and older folks so their legs don’t work as well as mine.  However, they loved the new car.  There won’t be too many passengers, most of my rides are alone which is totally fine.  It’s was nice to switch it up and show off a little bit.  I drove carefully so as to not scare the crap out of them as I have in times past.  The female half of this couple has a birthday this week, so I looked for a card and came up with this …

11-27-2016 3-44-59 PM

The inside of the card says … You deserve a BIRTHDAY filled with one good thing on top of another!  I think that should get a laugh. 

So I mentioned at dinner about the whole cream vegetable thing and how as a kid you are told try it, you might like it.  You don’t know if you don’t like it until you try it.  I said so why can’t daddy try dick, he might like it and he won’t know until he tries it.  That got a laugh.  Then I came out with my tattoo joke.  I said I got a tattoo on my penis.  It says ok but if I get excited it says Oklahoma city!  That got a good laugh as well.  I saw some hot guys that I would have loved to take home and give thanks for, but just eyed them and moved on. 

Watched a couple movies Dirty Grandpa, the unrated version.  What Happens Next.  I am sure there was another one in there but I can’t for the life of me remember it.  Caught up on some stuff on DVR, which was nice.  Had plenty of naps and sleeping in, as much as Insty would allow.  She is my alarm clock and when she says it’s time to get up, you better get up or she will sing you a song that you really don’t want to hear.  I of course spent a lot of time with the kids. 

Yesterday I went to a burger place that I have been wanting to go for a long time.  Had a Cheddar & BBQ Burger with fries which was awesome.  I wanted Onion Rings as well but opted to not be greedy.  There was a table of people who were talking very loudly about gay people and how this guy is gay and that guy is gay.  I wanted to go over and introduce myself and say in case you’ve never seen a real live gay person, here I am 100% queer, now get over it.  However, I resisted and then was forced to listen how this lady got knocked up and was going to have a baby and how pressing on her stomach almost made her miscarry.  Yeah, totally not appropriate conversation but the place was pretty quiet and didn’t have many customers.  I ate and left. 

On the way home I got a call from my friend who’s wife has cancer.  He was calling me to let me know that she was back in the hospital again.  She got dehydrated and they needed to fill her with fluids to keep her going.  Her potassium was really out of whack.  Too high or too low and it can kill you.  Sounded like she would be getting out today but I haven’t heard anything.  They have more doctor visits scheduled and she will be going back for another Chemo treatment.  She has really lost the weight.  Down to 98 pounds.  She was around 150 and that is a total guess on my part, but I saw a  photo and damn she is all skin and bones.  I don’t have a good feeling about this.  I listen and keep my opinion to myself.  The last thing you want to do is tell someone that you think their loved one is going to die.  The writing is pretty well on the wall but I know that modern medicine can fix a lot these days.  I hope for the best and prepare for the worst. 

Yesterday when I got home I started cleaning the house.  By that I mean the carpets.  Holy cow my back is really killing me today.  I’m in need of some serious lumbar support.  All of that back and forth motion, plus all of the trips up and down stairs to and from the faucet.  I was worn out but didn’t realize that I really over did it, that is not until after I woke up today. 

Had breakfast at Steak N Shake, got 2 Chicago Hot Dogs and a bowl of Chili.  That is different for breakfast but it was damn good.  Going up soon to polish off what is left of my turkey day left overs.  I killed the stuffing yesterday so now I have the long wait until next year before I get more of that.  No Cracker Barrel Boy today, kind of wondering what he is thinking and then on the other hand I don’t care.  I told my story about how that all plaid out to more than one person and everyone agrees with me when he asked for my name he was hitting on me.  Not sure if I moved too fast for him or if he just wanted to be in control.  Whatever. 

No contact from the family over this holiday.  It kind of hurts to be alone but at the same time I remind myself that time away from my family is probably better off.  I had time to think about being alone and how much I miss my late partner.  However, I also thought how much life will change when I find the next one.  I put Grindr on my phone only to look.  I have no profile and yet I am getting hit on like crazy.  I just want to see who’s out there.  Some fresh faces but a lot of the people that were there last year are there now.  That is kind of sad.  I have also seen a couple guys who want to play and are married.  Uh, hello your married go play with your spouse.  I don’t get open relationships and/or cheating.  As soon as you find someone who’s tighter, does it better or makes you feel special – you’ll leave your spouse and be on to them.  Just not right in my book but different strokes for different folks.

I had plenty of time alone with Amazon and that is both good and bad.  I placed orders for things that I need as well as things that I want.  Before I knew it I was $200 in.  Doesn’t take long to rack up a bill.  Looking forward to getting packages on the porch.  Everything is scheduled to be here this week, which is good.  The UPS man will love me because he will be here on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Delivering everything from Pet Food to Ink for my printer.  I got a locking gas cap for the car, not sure if I will use it but I will at least try it out. 

Oh speaking of gas, got the car filled up yesterday for $1.85 per Gallon.  I went back to the same station I was at last week that wouldn’t take my cards.  I used a different card this time and didn’t have any problems.  They are by far the lowest on gas in the area.  I’ll probably be frequenting that place more, it’s all about getting the most bang for my buck.

I hope that it’s a quiet week.  Hard to believe that Thursday we will be kicking off December already.  The weather here has turned and it’s super cold.  However, now that we are going back to work Monday & Tuesday are supposed to be much warmer than normal.  Yeah, okay.  I know eventually the bottom is going to fall out so I’ve got my long sleeves, coat, hat and of course all of the cold weather features of my car like heated seats and heated steering wheel to help keep me toasty warm and comfortable. 

Hope that all of you are doing well and that you had a great weekend.  Be safe and take care.  We shall talk again soon. 

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