22 November 2016

Fog Lights and Naked Guys

Last night my fog lights saved the day.  I was driving along on the freeway/interstate and saw particle board in my lane of traffic and then out of nowhere a dresser appears.  Holy cow that would have done some serious damage to my black beauty and I would have been ticked.  I am sure that eventually someone probably did hit it but I am thankful that it wasn’t me.  I did an experiment when I got in my subdivision and turned off the fog lights.  It cuts my vision in 1/2, but when I turned them back on I could see clear as day.  Glad I stuck to my guns and got a car with them this time.  I had them on a prior car and really missed them.  I don’t want to blind anyone but I need to be able to see and any advantage I can get helps me so in turn I am a better driver and can stay safe. 

Bear really worked overtime while I was at work yesterday.  He made quite the mess and it was so bad that he needed a bath.  I elected to administer this wearing only underwear, which was dangerous at best.  I was able to control the furry beast and got him as clean.  Then dried him off and of course he wanted to be rewarded.  So I moved his can of food from where it was to where he was now and that satisfied him for a little bit.  Then he moved on to dry food.  Then it was play time and finally he rolled over and passed out.  All of this while I watched TV.  When it was time for bed he woke up and rolled over, again wanting more of a treat.  Gave him his pill and some dry food.  He was fine!

My calendar came yesterday and I made sure I got what I ordered.  Looks very nice!  I bit the bullet yesterday afternoon and deleted my profiles and all of the dating apps on my phone.  I know that I will go back, but sometimes you need a fresh start.  A little break won’t hurt me and might just be what I need.  I really hate the quest of trying to find a man but I also know that if I don’t do my part and look, chances of him falling out of thin air and appearing in my life are slim to none. 

An uneventful evening, relaxing with the kids and watching TV.  Kicked the girls out of my room a little after 10 and Marv came in.  He stayed until 3a and then had to run.  I was by myself after that.  Strange dreams.  Woke up and here I am ready to take on yet another day of this short work week.

I noticed that the commute was a little quicker, a little less volume but not by much.  Hope for a dresser free commute home and that it will be smooth sailing.  The airlines have another name for crap in the road, they call it FOD.  It stands for Foreign Object or Debris. 

Tomorrow will be a fun, boring and interesting day all rolled into one.  The witch I work with will be off and my boss will be off as well.  So that leaves me and one other guy to hold down the fort.  It’s sort of not really worth getting out of bed and coming in but I plan on being here.  Gone are the days of closing early, which was pretty well a given on a day before a holiday.  Usually closing by 3p.  Ah, yes the gold old days.  I still have Thursday & Friday off no matter how you slice it.  While it would be nice to leave early I realize that not everyone in the world is afforded that opportunity and it was good while it lasted. 

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and that will be my first exposure to rain in my new car.  It needs a bath so hopefully the rain will make things better.  I don’t look forward to driving in rain, only because everyone drives at the pace of a snail. 

Well on to my next conference call and then to lunch, 1/2 way through the day already.  Yahoo!

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