15 November 2016

Average Tuesday

It was quiet for a couple hours and then some work trickled in.  I took care of that and it was time to go to lunch.  After lunch it was just one thing after another and before I knew it hours had gone by.  I am glad it’s over but I still have time left to burn.  Someone brought be 1/2 of an apple pie and I wound up leaving it here overnight.  I am going to see if it’s still available to retrieve and if so, it’s coming home with me tonight. 

Got most of the bills paid last night.  I have a couple more that I am going to pay tonight, then I should be done until the end of the month hits and we get to do this again.  Such fun!

Bear was clamoring for attention last night so I picked him up and put him on the couch.  I didn’t do my traditional raspberry on his belly.  When I went to put him back on the floor I opted to do the raspberry and he just took his paw and shoved it in my face, as if to say thanks but put me down.  It made me laugh.  Marv was coughing and choking on something but he worked it out and everything went back to normal.  Watched a full episode of the Steve Harvey show, he’s doing a comedy week and yesterday was a reunion of the Kings of Comedy.  It was truly a great show. 

I get to go see what the mail person brought me.  Then to home to feed the furry needy creatures.  Then I will get to eat something frozen.  Ah sounds exciting.  I had lunch out at a Mexican place today it was okay even if I didn’t get what I ordered.  It was close and there wasn’t a lot of walking to do.  Nice outside at lunch time.  The weather people are hinting there might be snow flurries over the weekend.  I’d love it if it would snow on Thanksgiving, it’s a comfort thing for me.  One year it was really coming down and me and my guy had a hard time making it in the restaurant, but it was fun and life was some what enjoyable then.

Da bitch at work is still on her rag, she goes at it with everyone.  Not sure why she is being allowed to get away with it, even if she is using some slight tact.  It makes me uncomfortable and I really don’t want to approach her for anything.  I am hopeful that she will get back to a state of happy and normal soon.  Would love to send her a bottle of Midol but I know that wouldn’t fix the mental issues she has, still it would be fun to stir the pot. 

I’m calling that a wrap for Tuesday.  Just a few hours left and it will be time to jump in bed, sleep and get up and do it all over again on Wednesday.  Were getting closer to the weekend.  Looking forward to seeing the Dentist and hoping once again for a good report.  Off to fetch my apple pie.  

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