08 November 2016

Election Day

Ah the day has finally come – no more junk mail, no more political ads we can just get on with our lives.  I am interested as anyone to find out who wins.  I don’t think I will know for certain until tomorrow morning, that is unless something happens before I go to bed.  Each day now means we are one day closer to Thanksgiving and I do look forward to that. 

Last night was the first time of driving home from work in the dark.  It’s wasn’t horrible but you could tell not everyone was adjusted.  It didn’t help there was a line getting out the garage at work because of construction.  I really want that to be done they have shuffled everyone around and areas that are normally not crowded are now.  I am so thankful for a backup camera, that little invention comes in quite handy.  I am still getting used to it but it has saved me twice already.  My dick head neighbor has started parking their abandoned car in an area that is very close to my driveway, as if they are daring me to hit it.  Little do they know I am rearranging the garage this weekend and I will be backing in, so there won’t be any concerns.  I wish they would get rid of that POS, they certainly don’t need it.

The new lawn guy sent me an invoice for 2 cuttings but they only cut once.  I have already reached out and as per usual no return phone call or email, so looks like I will have to track this guy down.  I’ll give him a couple days.  When I pay him I will be sure to let him know that this type of behavior can’t continue when we resume next year.  If it does then he will be fired.  I am patient but only to a point and see no need to continue to reward bad behavior.

The charges from the Kiosks posted today and with one phone call I disputed all of them.  I am fairly certain that the post office will require me to return to each post office in order to obtain a refund.  I purposefully mailed my letter with a new tracking number so there wouldn’t be any doubt that their machines failed me. 

Last night I was working along on my home pc when I got a text message.  It was from the cunt at work who said that she would never text me again.  She wanted me to know that she has a new cell phone.  Then she turned around and sent an email to the entire team to notify them.  I didn’t respond to either notification.  Primarily I wanted to be an ass but neither really required or requested a response.  I think she thinks we are back to normal and she can just do whatever she wants.  Not gonna happen, I am threw with her.  The only reason we are still speaking is because my job requires me to, otherwise I wouldn’t give her the time of day. 

I found a small present in my room, not sure if Marv is back to normal.  He was behaving like his normal goofy self last night.  I am continuing to monitor him and everyone is getting probiotics on their food.  Ruth was puking last night.  That is never a good thing but she has her spells and then things are back to normal just about the time you think you need to take her in.  I am watching all of them and I worry about how much time I get to spend with each of them.  We have all been mad at each other but were a family and the love flows both ways. 

I came back from lunch a little early so I am making up for that now.  It’s been an intense day of tail chasing, trying to prove or disprove something.  Plus we had our second fire drill so my legs are going to be killing me later tonight and for the next few days.  I will be getting the massager out tonight in hopes that I can thwart the pain.  Looking forward to canned Chili, some Cheese Queso and Tortilla chips for supper.  Sounds like a meal fit for a king.  Here king come here boy. :-)  Seriously I am having this and a piece of Chocolate Pecan Pie from Cracker Barrel.  I brought home a whole pie on Sunday.  I didn’t do it last year but have in years past and it was by accident that I discovered the Chocolate Pecan and now I don’t want to go back to plain Pecan pie.  Oh if your wondering no word from Cracker Barrel Boy, given how much time has passed I don’t expect him to reach out – but I have been wrong before and I know I will be wrong again. 

There you have it my update for today.  Hope all is well in your world.  Take care. Oh and yes I did say pie!

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