14 November 2016

Not Like I Expected

Monday is in full swing and nothing like I expected.  I figured there would be lots going on, but it’s relatively calm for the moment.  Let’s hope that I didn’t just jinx things.  It was anticipated to be bedlam in the parking garage, I even got a message that the sky was falling before I came to work.  The garage is just fine and I got a good spot.  I know everyone will be very pleased once the maintenance work is done and that can’t be soon enough for me. 

Found myself extra hungry at breakfast this morning, not sure if that is a result of the medication adjustment or not.  I brought some granola bars to work.  Got this box of fudge covered ones and I could eat the whole damn thing, they are just super delicious.  When I am bored I do one of two things … eat or sleep.  Right now the sleep part sounds good but I woke up feeling refreshed, despite having to get up early to let Marvin out. 

Last night was great sitting in the living room surrounded by the flock.  Then when I moved into my room, everyone but Bear followed.  Ruth even sat on my bed next to me.  I went to get up and everyone scattered but Ruth, she stayed put.  That is very unusual.  I looked at her and said oh did you want to sleep with daddy?  I could just hear her response, why yes daddy so when you close your eyes I can finish you off.  That question made her scurry out of the room.  It would be nice to cuddle with her but I don’t know if that will ever happen. 

I’m thinking about my friends and wondering what has been uncovered thus far, if there has been any progress at all.  I know I will be kept up to date.  I remember those horribly long days at the hospital and they go by so painfully slow.  I am hoping for some positive news. 

Next Thursday will be the day I have waited all year for.  I am so looking forward to it and can’t wait for sausage stuffing, it’s the best thing.  I know I say it every year but it’s just oh so good.  I am interested to see if my friends will let me drive them over in my new wheels or what exactly the plan will be.  I probably won’t know until next Wednesday night or early on Thursday morning. 

I did get quite a surprise this morning when I logged into check on what my check would be for tomorrow.  I saw this $200 figure and gasped, how can that be?  I know I make more than this, what happened.  Then the how am I going to make my bills part happened.  Well turns out there are actually 2 deposits.  The $200 amount minus taxes is a holiday gift.  Then I got my regular check on top of that.  Way to give someone a coronary.  Now I am pretty pleased.  Paying bills should be a breeze and I might get to chip away more credit card debt, which will be a very good thing.  I am not deep in debt but with taking on a car payment I am kind of a little freaked out.  I know it’s all going to come together in the end. 

A co-worker baked an apple pie over the weekend and brought 1/2 of it for me to eat.  I still have the Chocolate Pecan in the fridge.  I think I will be in pie heaven for a while.  I picked up peppermint flavored drumsticks yesterday, you know the ice cream treat.  Yeah, it sounded so good but I am not a peppermint fan.  Had a couple of them last night and they are okay but I am eager to get rid of them.  Wish they would come out with an egg nog flavored drumstick.  Now that would be awesome. 

Looking forward to getting home to see the kids, get out of my clothes and put in a frozen dinner.  That is more than several hours away but I know it’s coming so there is something to look forward to.  Then I will get to pay bills tonight, I don’t enjoy that but I am thankful that I have the money to be able to subsist on my own.  It makes me proud that I am taking care of myself and my furry family. 

Well I should act like I am working or something.  Got an hour to go before lunch and not sure if I will make it, might go early.  I got lunch meat and made my own sandwich but forgot to pickup cheese.  The bread is from last week and the meat is Roast Beef and Pastrami it’s on Honey Wheat with Miracle Whip.  Not piled high but it should be tasty.  Don’t ever get baked Cheetos they don’t taste very good, healthy maybe but I am in it for the taste.  Can’t wait to break into my Cool Ranch Doritos. 

Hope your week is off to a good start and that I didn’t make you too hungry.  Take care and we will talk again soon.

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