18 November 2016

Time to pay the piper

Last night I got the letter from the place that financed my car.  It was just letting me know how much I need to pay and when it’s due.  They don’t send any other reminders, your expected to be an adult and make sure your payment gets there.  Oh boy, just what I hoped they would forget to send me the bill.  I have to enter the details in my system and also register for on-line access. 

Yesterday was a bit of a challenge and I got some overtime, plus got stuck in more traffic but thankfully this mess was moving.  Took my first ever call in my new car, it was my boss.  It seems silly but you have to ask for directions to where your going in order to see live traffic updates.  I had navigation going, so the car was beeping, my radar detector was going off and I had to strain to try to hear my boss.  Thankfully it was a short conversation and he didn’t call back. 

Got home late, took care of everything and collapsed to watch TV and sit with the children.  I am convinced that Ruth has a bug on her.  I was petting her this morning and found a scab, I think it’s time for flea medicine but that means I have to trap her again or just be clever when she comes over for a pet – pet.  I don’t want this to get worse because that will require a trip to the vet and neither one of us will like that.  Funny thing is as soon as I get her out of the house and to the vet, she warms up to me like I am her best friend.  The moment we come home, her mood changes and she hates me.  I still love them all and their unique personalities. 

The back is  little sore from the massage but doesn’t hurt quite as bad as I expected.  I will get to feel the seat warmer on the way home because the temps here are dropping and it’s supposed to get cold.  I turned on the heat before I left home.  It was really warm so I didn’t take a coat or a jacket, I figured the car should have me covered, let’s hope I am right. 

Saturday will be another visit to the dentist, not looking forward to it because I would rather sleep in but I am not afraid of going like most adults.  I love the floss that is the best part for me, you could do a double if you wanted to and I wouldn’t complain.  It feels so good.  Combine that with a good shampoo and a massage and I think I would just have an orgasm because it would be sheer bliss for me.

Sunday I have to get up early because I have to do testing for work, part of my on-call duties but it pays overtime so why not do it?  I do love the money, hate working for it but then again nothing in this life comes easy. 

Not looking forward to actually working 3 days but there should be less people, more room to park, easier commutes and of course we get Thursday & Friday off.  I know that I won’t be the only one in the office but I think the work load will be less and that will make for very long days. 

Were having a pizza party this afternoon and I am eating some, figure that it will be an early supper.  Plus one less thing I have to do when I get home.  I would really like to leave early tonight.  Friday’s usually mean no traffic.  That wasn’t the case this morning two accidents on my normal route and I heard about it from home, so I planned to go a different way.  I hate the change in my routine but it’s nice to see other parts of the city that I normally don’t get to see.  Plus brings back memories when I used to work at several places downtown.  My commute was sure shorter then.

I am sure you have heard that when you drive a new car off the lot it depreciates.  I thought I would do an experiment and I ran my car through KBB dot com.  Yeah depreciate indeed.  It is worth significantly less than when I bought it but then again I didn’t pay retail.  It’s worth a couple hundred dollars less of what I actually paid, which isn’t terrible.  Hard to believe that I am going to be hitting the 1,000 mile mark tonight.  Those miles and all that time they fly by like no ones business.  Now that I have bought all of the true deals seem to be coming out of the wood work.  I’m happy with my decision and hope that whenever I am next in the market for a new vehicle that I can continue to buy up.  I’ve worked too long to settle for basic transportation, it’s good and all but the bells and whistles really are what make my car sing.  Oh and I finally got my permanent insurance card in the mail last night.  It sure took them long enough. 

There you have it, now it’s time for me to head back to the salt mine and see what kind of trouble I can find and hope that we can fast forward to the pizza party and then to me leaving for the day.  Oh I am ready to see those furry boys and girls.  My replacement man calendar should be waiting for me when I get home, I won’t hold my breath just yet.  The 2nd one came last night and it’s not bad. 

Have a nice weekend, relax and do something that you enjoy.  I know I will be doing something I enjoy that’s napping.  It’s awesome!  Look forward to talking with you again soon. 

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