10 November 2016

Last night

I was able to decompress and got a decent nights sleep.  We are experiencing fluctuation in temperatures and when that happens my bodies reaction is to get sick.  I really thought that I would feel horrible when I woke up.  I feel fine.  I had even turned the heat up a little bit.  My problem is that when I am exposed to too much cold that is what triggers everything.  Plus they just cleaned the office and that too triggers things.  I didn’t let them clean my area last year and I was fine.  This year I made the mistake of thinking they had been by on the weekend and they hadn’t.  What fun it was to come to work and have to put my desk back together.

So there really wasn’t a whole lot recorded that interested me but I found a couple episodes of untold stories of the ER.  It was odd a lady had a procedure to treat hemorrhoids, a doctor injected a drug that causes the blood vessels to constrict, well apparently he had air in the syringe.  Nitrogen bubbles built up in this ladies brain stem and in the Basler artery, she had a stroke as a result of this.  This is the same artery that blocked my late partners brain.  I learned a little more about the brain stem and the function of this artery.  I am sure the doctors probably told me back them but I filtered all of that out and was hyper focused on him.  Anyway, they used a decompression chamber to dissolve the bubbles and presto changeo the lady went back to normal.  There was very little residual left from the stroke, you had to look hard in order to find it.  Of course now I wonder what if they would have put him in a hyperbaric chamber.  I know that this was simply his time and not a case of malpractice or human error.  They really did all they could for him, the proof is in his medical records.  Still I miss him and to this very day think of him often.  Naturally I had a dream about him, makes me wish I could dream all the time so he would still be alive. 

Now that I am done depressing you, let me try to cheer you up.  Since I was upstairs last night and didn’t work on the computer, I had to go down eventually to start litter box duty.  I was down there making noise and didn’t see anyone.  However, Ruth was down there she was back in my office.  She comes around the corner and just looked at me as if to say could you make anymore noise?  I was sleeping, what the hell are you doing down here.  It was funny and I got a good laugh.  Of course she made her way upstairs around me and then I had to give her attention. 

I think I’ve solved the Marvin mystery of why he has diarrhea.  His body is reacting to Bear’s dry food that he gobbles on.  As a result he has diarrhea.  Bear’s system has become used to it for the most part but there are times when even he has the same problem.  Marv is still eating wet food and drinking so hopefully he will be okay.  This just came to me last night, kind of odd that I didn’t think of it before now.  Marv also slept with me until about 1am when he started crying, woke me up and I had to let him out.  Then back to bed and then it seems like I just fell asleep and it was time to wake up. 

Driving my new rolling computer some jackass went to change lanes this morning and almost side swiped me.  I became a horny driver.  I don’t think he understood but you have to look before you move your vehicle, I could have easily let him hit me cause an accident, potentially be injured and then rake in the money.  However, it was far easier to tap the breaks, hit the horn and avoid the whole damn thing – but it was super close.  I really don’t want to wreck in my new car.  It’s a fear that I have and while it’s small when I am behind the wheel it seems like I am driving a boat.  Still like what I bought but need to continue to learn more about it.  Figured out that with remote start, once you get in you have to put your foot on the brake and then press the start/stop button and the car will allow you to drive away.  Otherwise the gearshift is locked and the car will shutoff after 15 minutes.  The gas gauge is moving towards empty, just like my old car would this time of the week.  I’ve just done back and forth to work as well as 1 stop at the post office.  I know I have enough fuel to last the rest of the week and probably into part of the weekend.  Absolutely love heated seats, they are a great invention.  I tried out the heated steering wheel, it will come in handy when the cold weather finally sticks around for more than a morning or evening. 

Grass man cut the lawn and we worked out a plan.  Since we had a slight frost last night I will be sending him his last check and then saying lets call it done for this year.  Start up next year and hope that he has his act together by then, if not then it will be time to move on.  Speaking of which it’s just about time for me to get back to work.  Hard to believe that as of tomorrow I will have owned a new car for a week.  Seams so surreal. 

Take care and I hope all is well in your world. 

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