23 November 2016

What a day

The day started with an unpleasant surprise. I was in the shower and just about done with my shower and without warning I lost pressure, felt hot water then cold and then none.  About the time I started cussing the water came back on.  It’s been strange over the past couple weeks in the morning seems to me that the pressure isn’t all there.  I was beginning to think that it was my imagination but this mornings event made me think otherwise. 

So I am in the process of getting dressed when I noticed a huge lump in my bed.  I knew right away it had to be Gator and I was right.  She worked her way under the covers from the top down.  She was silent until she knew I was in the room and then she carried on.  I had to free her by lifting up the bottom covers so she could poke her head out.  As soon as she saw me she went back under the covers.  Okay so I guess she will be able to get out on her own.  I got dressed and left.  Nothing is tucked so it should be easy for her to worm her way out.  She was just enjoying the electric blanket which was on all night long.  It’s a great invention and you can stay toasty warm while your house freezes, then before you wake up adjust the thermostat to kick on the heat and your body is never the wiser. 

Then I am at work and get an alert that my credit card was charged.  I looked at the merchant and didn’t recognize them.  I called but wasn’t able to get through.  So I called my credit card company and the card has been shutdown and now I have to wait to get a replacement card in the mail.  Meanwhile I get to look to see who is charging to the card so I can give them a different number, not exactly a fun task.  I can’t believe this happened to me again!  What a nightmare. 

Work is slow today as you would expect on a day before a holiday.  Other people are trying to duck out early, but I have to stay all day long because I have people that are leaving and I need to revoke their access. With a person planned on leaving I always ask about what time they are going to leave and most people respond back, but the two people today don’t feel the need to respond.  Which means instead of turning them off at 4p I now have to wait until 5p, unless I want to call their manager to inquire further.  It’s easier to just wait until 5p and get the job done. 

So I have some busy work to tide me over but it won’t last until 5p.  I will just have to be creative in how I occupy my time.  I broke down and changed my desk calendar out for next years day by day model and then worked on cleaning my fan that I keep at my desk.  I thought we had some 3 in 1 oil here but all I could find was WD40.  I am not a fan of it but I used it.  It creates more of a drying effect and is not a sufficient lubricant.  I thought about taking the fan home but then I have to bring it back and since I had time on my hands it was just easier to care for it at work.  It’s running strong!

Looking forward to enjoying what I hope is a peaceful evening with the children, relaxing and not caring about anything.  Sleeping in tomorrow and enjoying the day.  Friday if I have the energy is when I plan on cleaning the carpets, it won’t be fun but it needs to be done.  Then Saturday & Sunday I can rest up and prepare for yet another long week ahead of me.  Right now Monday is a million miles away but we all know that it will be here before we know it. 

I am working on a holiday letter that I am sending instead of sending a Christmas Card, a letter says a whole lot more and I don’t have to go buy anything – I have the ink, paper, envelopes and postage all at home.  Easy breezy and in the mail if all goes well on Turkey Day if not then over the weekend for sure.  Kind of depends upon how much energy I have and what my mood is like when I get home. 

The mail brought me more bills but I did get a check from yet another class action law suit.  It was only $15 but it’s still money and I can use every little penny I can get my hands on.  I hope there will be more coming soon.  There is a LinkedIn settlement but to my knowledge no one has been paid yet, not sure what the hold up is.  Class Action Suits are nice because it’s free money and you don’t have to hire an attorney or fight – someone else has already done that for you.  Of course the attorneys are the big winners they get the largest cut which is no surprise, after all they are doing the work might as well pay them for it. 

Well I guess I will slither back to my desk and see how full the old inbox is and start to work on some busy work.  Talk with you all again soon.  If you don’t hear from me for a couple days it’s probably because I am in a food coma.  Would like to get to the movies this weekend as well but we will have to see how things go.  I just don’t want to fall in with the Black Friday crowd, that’s murder.  Black Friday is followed by Poor Saturday and Depressing Sunday in which you have to gear up for Cyber Monday and for most of us that just means back to work. 

On a more serious note, I do have a lot to be thankful for despite all of the bad there is still good in my life.  I have a job which allows me to have a house, my cats, my new car and be able to pay all of my other expenses and bills.  Plus there is my health, we all take good health for granted until it’s not so good anymore.  Truth be told there is plenty each of us has to be thankful for that we often do not take time to reflect on.  Plus we have all almost made it through yet another year.  Hard to believe December is a few short days away.  Like the line from Ferris Bueller … you have to stop and smell the roses once and a while or you just might miss something. 

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