23 October 2016

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Life has been busy!  Thursday was a mere blip of a day.  We had an event take place that consumed the entire day for me.  I was on the phone shortly after my shift started and didn’t finish up until very late in the afternoon.  By then I was exhausted and had no desire to do any of my normal work, so I didn’t.  I used the small amount of time I had to try to recharge and de-stress.  I also found out that my man crush is straight and married.  What a disappointment.  He’s not even gay.  Thankfully I found out from a coworker and didn’t have to embarrass myself.  That was a real disappointment.  I think that ALL married people regardless if your gay or straight should be REQUIRED to wear a wedding ring at ALL times.  If I had seen the ring I would have never gotten my hopes up. 

Friday yeah it was an okay day.  Nothing too heavy but there were some meetings and then there was catchup from Thursday to take care of.  I was wiped out by the time it was quitting time. 

Saturday I resolved my inability to authenticate with the Postal Service but it took me two trips to two different post offices.  I was so thankful when I got to the second post office that they actually knew what I was talking about and were able to help me.  They had just went through a training course on this but didn’t fully understand what the service did.  I explained that to them and then it all clicked. 

I had been wanting to stop at a Mexican place that I had been to for lunch many years ago.  So I dropped in on my way back home.  I had a dish called layered tacos.  It’s a hard and soft shell taco x3 plus rice and beans.  It was oh so good and there was a little too much there for me but I didn’t leave anything behind.  Reasonably priced and great service.  So I’d call it a win and I will be back. 

Had to stop for fuel for the car.  I was waiting for the process to complete when I noticed two guys they acted as if they were a couple.  It looked at one point like they were going to start kissing but then things took a twist and they both loaded up with chewing tobacco.  Gross.  Nice bodies but gross habit.  Process was done and I left.  Came back home and collapsed.  I shouldn’t have taken a nap but I did and it was enjoyable. 

Kind of felt nice to cater to myself and eat some different food for a change.  It caused me to reflect on my life and where I am at.  I would say I am more than ready for a boyfriend.  Being alone has it’s advantages but I really need someone to talk to besides that cats. 

Watched Wanda Sykes new special on Epix (had to sign up for a free trial account on-line to get access, no credit card required).  Rented King Cobra a movie all about the murder of Brian Kochis, the guy who ran King Cobra Video and used Brent Corrigan as his star.  It was pretty horrific the way the murder went down.  They had some great looking guys in the movie but the whole thing was a huge shock.  Sex sells and just like any other industry when you mess with someone’s income things usually get crazy, this was no exception.  I would encourage you to see the film, if you like gay men or gay porn, you will enjoy this. 

Sunday I had to wake up early for testing systems at work.  It was difficult because I didn’t get to bed until around 2a.  Then I had to be up by 7a.  It didn’t help that around 1:30a some idiot decided to start shooting off fireworks.  Sounded like gun fire and I called it in.  The police quickly found the offender and told them to knock it off.  That was that.  It’s a quiet and safe neighborhood that I live in, but every now and then there is some excitement.  I felt kind of silly for calling 9-1-1 for fireworks but when they sound like gunfire better safe than sorry.  I also pay for the privilege to dial those numbers, might as well get my monies worth.  The children made sure I was up 10 minutes early because they were hungry.  Yesterday I woke up with Gator staring at me, she was watching me sleep until I just opened my eyes and they met hers.  Then she started talking.  It was nice. 

I have a long weekend and have done nothing but loaf so far.  Going to get started on laundry and then probably go take a nap, because I am sleepy.  Have to wake up early tomorrow to go see the doctor.  Tuesday I will likely have to get my blood drawn.  This oddly enough was a weekend that I planned to get a new vehicle a few months ago.  I can still move forward but have decided to put that off and just enjoy my time off.  Trying to not think about work but a little difficult when your on-call.  Thankfully that will end tomorrow morning and I can finally enjoy time away. 

My friend whos’ wife had surgery 8 weeks ago called with an update.  They still don’t know anything.  Based on the mass they found in her stomach they ordered additional testing to be done early next month.  Sounds like she may have cancer in her digestive system – stomach, liver and pancreas.  They have yet to obtain the pathology report from the sample of the stomach tumor because the dr. ordered further testing to be done.  At least she was able to finally come home on Tuesday.  She tires out easily and isn’t able to eat much food at all.  She has to consume liquid to get nutrition.  Sounds horrible.  He is beside himself and thinking that he is going to lose his wife.  Every turn he is met with more bad news.  I told him that it’s very easy to be negative but takes effort to stay positive.  I realize you can only put up a brave front for so long.  I also told him there is no shame in crying but do it away from her.  He wants to cry but just can’t.  I’ve been down a similar path back with my late partner was dealing with colo-rectal cancer.  We both thought that would be the end of him but it wasn’t.  Digestive cancer from what I have seen doesn’t usually have a good outcome but right now no one has said that is what she has.  I realize that the odds are high that is what it is but I would rather wait for an affirmative diagnosis before I was ready to panic.  This event is a true eye opener for him because he just got reminded that life is short.  I wish they believed in God and would let me pray with them, I can’t say I am very close with God but I am far from a stranger.  I have sent cards, we have had meals together.  I have listened for hours on end but really wish there was something more I could do.  They live on the other side of the earth which is like 2 hours away from my house.  You drive for what seems like forever to get there.  My gut says go out there on a surprise and take them milkshakes, they would both enjoy them.  However, I don’t want to force myself upon them.  Once the dust settles from this regardless of the outcome I think they need to both go on a vacation together to some place they both enjoy.  I think it would do them both a world of good. 

Well enough babble, time to go get that nap knocked out.  I know the kids will enjoy sleeping with dad again.  Hope your having a great weekend. 

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