11 October 2016


I picked up more responsibilities late yesterday afternoon.  I am now officially Big Brother.  I get to watch for Data Leaks.  I get a report that indicates potential threats and then I have to investigate each one in several different systems.  If I find something I report it to the boss or to another manager.  I can’t discuss this with the potential offender and this is something that is to be kept highly confidential.  I can’t tell other immediate co-workers about it.  It can be discussed with my team and a select few others all of which are in management.  It’s great that I picked this up and will look good on a resume but it’s not necessarily an assignment that I will necessarily enjoy.  Thankfully we have a very low rate for leaks, like to the point where it’s non existent but you still have to be vigilant and watch for it.  Otherwise if you turn a blind eye to it, you will be robbed blind. 

The meeting with the bosses boss went fine.  I was pretty much told what I already knew and that was no working from home because of issues on your part.  If there is a business need then that is different and permissible.  I was told there are labor laws that prevent and discourage this but unless they are new I think it’s a load of horse shit.  If it were truly illegal then there wouldn’t be any exceptions period end of discussion.  It just smells to me but I am not going to rock the boat over it. 

Found a surprise on accident last night, Charlie Puth had a concert that was broadcast live.  I tuned in late and it was all because I wanted to get the 1 off of the Facebook icon on my phone.  I hate those damn things, they drive me nuts.  So when I opened the app I saw the notification and promptly clicked on it.  Then I got tired of watching it on a small screen so I fired up my You Tube on my Roku and got to watch it on the big screen.  It was awesome and I really had a great time for the short amount of time that I heard him.  I formed my connection to him because of his song See You Again and the loss of my partner.  From there I began to fall in love with his (Charlie’s) voice and saw what awesome talent he has.  Then my hormones kicked in and now I have a crush on him.  He rocks my world, even if he is straight.  I look forward to seeing him live in concert very soon.  That is my birthday present to myself.  Now maybe things will work out and I can meet him in person but just seeing him live will be a treat in it’s self. 

Thanks to yesterday being Columbus Day, there was no mail and all of the government offices as well as schools had a holiday.  Made it easy to get to and from work.  Can’t say that today.  I was super lazy the closer I got to home last night the more exhausted I felt.  So I just turned into a couch potato.  The cats enjoyed it and so did I.  Everyone was trying to get a piece of me and I passed myself out as best as I could by dividing my focus on each of them.  Needy but then again so am I.  Bear was all wound up this morning and quite chatty.  I think he wanted more food but I made him eat what was in front of him and didn’t give in.  He got some belly rubs and petting but that was about it.  Supper for me was Turkey Pot Pie.  Yep I said pie again.

Tonight I have no idea what I am going to consume.  I can tell you that it will likely be something that is frozen.  I also have to stop and get my double dose of mail.  Part of me looks forward to that and part of me dreads that.  You never know what fresh hell is lurking for you in the mail. 

Time to join another snooze fest of a meeting here in a bit.  I hope it doesn’t suck the life out of me and leave me feeling tired.  The good news is that we are closer to quitting time now than when I started.  Today was one of those mornings that was kind of nippy in the house, I just wanted to stay in bed and keep on sleeping.  I could have if it wasn’t for this thing called work that helps pay for those things called bills.  What a shame I am like a good portion of the population in that I am required to work to earn a living. 

Over the weekend I realized that next Monday is bosses day.  What to do?  I started with my usual Editable Arrangements but that was kind of pricy as per usual.  Plus since I am reporting to a guy now instead of a woman I should probably change up my game.  A little searching with Google and presto I found it.  I got my boss a Man Crate.  They box up the item you chose in a crate.  It is sealed very well and they include a tiny crow bar to help the recipient open it.  It’s one of those things that you have to open but you get frustrated in the process.  Now if you want to add an extra layer of confusion and are shipping in the US you can pay them $10 and they will wrap the whole damn thing in duct tape.  That would be really funny but I thought the crate was punishment enough.  There is a nice gift that he will enjoy on the inside of the crate and it’s personalized.  I got to include a note as well for no additional charge.  It takes 2 days to get the personalized item ready and then it’s good to ship.  Problem is that it will arrive this week instead of on Monday.  There is no way to change that.  He is working a 1/2 day on Thursday so I am hoping that it arrives after he leaves so it’s waiting for him on Monday.  Otherwise it will kind of spoil the surprise.  I could make phone calls to ensure that he doesn’t get it until Monday but I am just going to let it play out and see what happens.  The hard part here is that I can’t tell my co-workers.  I am very interested in hearing his reaction.  This wasn’t cheap but I am sure that it will be something that he will treasure. 

There you have it.  Now on to that meeting!

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