27 October 2016

Horrible Day

This afternoon and tomorrow are going to be horrible days at work.  The fun starts this afternoon and I am told that I will be busy through tomorrow night. I am not looking forward to it but at the same time the weekend is around the corner so there is some relief in sight.

Got my blood work results and the A1C has gone up, which is not good.  I am still within tolerance of what my doc wants to see.  I will have to work on what makes it’s way to my stomach.  I know that I eat far too much sweets.  I almost made a trip to the local bakery but I forgot about it.  Funny how you can’t eat something that isn’t at your disposal.  I love drumsticks the ice cream cone.  I eat one right after the other.  Used to be one filled me up but not today.  I figure today could easily be my last day on earth why not spoil myself with a little bit of happiness.  Then I wake up the next day and figure out oh crap I shouldn’t have had that, I am still alive.

Speaking of alive, today my late partner would be another year older if he were alive.  It’s still his birthday but I don’t throw a party.  I just wish that he were here, healthier and we were able to celebrate together.  Going on without him has proven to be quite the task.  I am making it but it’s not fun and certainly hasn’t been easy. 

Had a nice time with Bear last night sitting on the couch.  He has developed diarrhea and thank goodness I didn’t discover that until hours after I returned him to the floor.  Not sure why he’s got it but sour stomachs run in the family.  Everyone seems to get one once and a while.  I discovered someone didn’t feel good yesterday but it wasn’t until it was time for bed and I realized they barfed all over my covers.  Odds are it was Gator or Marv.  No one wanted to sleep with me last night either.  How strange. 

I enjoy sleeping alone but miss my Marvin.  I seem to always have strange dreams when I am by myself.  Last night I was back in my childhood home.  #1 son was in my closet up on a ledge and I decided to take a shower in my room, the shower came right out of my closet.  Then I had a hell of a time picking out what Shampoo I wanted to use and what cologne I wanted to wear afterwards.  I do fret in real life over which Shampoo to use but cologne not so much.  I just grab what I feel like and on it goes.  I woke up thinking how strange that dream was.  I didn’t have a shower in my room in my childhood home.  I don’t have a shower in my room in my house now as it is.  If I ever get the gumption to move into the Master Bed Room then I will have a shower in the same room as me.  It’s laid out strange and I honestly don’t feel like moving furniture around.  It’s something that I have wanted to do but it’s also erasing what is there and I have a hard time with that.  I have 2 rooms that are filled with junk and are shrines of sorts.  It’s not healthy and the longer it goes on the harder it is to clean up.  I’ll get there but it’s not at the top of my list.  At least I recognize that there is a problem, that is like the first step to over coming it, right? 

Okay so I have a web conference to attend and then the not so fun begins after that.  Hope your Thursday is going well.  Talk with you all again soon.  

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