05 October 2016

Not a bad day but not a good day either

Greetings!  I woke up to find that my usual route to work had traffic issues.  I decided to be adventurous and try a new way to work.  Well it backfired, I didn’t pay close enough attention.  I had to turn around go almost back to the start and try again.  That didn’t set well with me.

I get to work and my cell phone rings.  It’s my boss.  I thought that is odd but I answered it.  Then he starts well I got a call from HR last night, uh now my heart is racing.  Turns out he wanted me to do him a favor but he changed his mind.  Wow that was super odd.  I thought that conversation was going in a different direction.

Thus far every night this week I go to bed I have a nightmare.  I keep hoping each night will be different but no joy so far. 

Yesterday I started looking at new vehicles.  My car dealer has a car and an SUV that I am interested in.  Giving some serious thought to buying something new. I only need 1 vehicle and mine is getting closer to the warranty running out.  I really enjoy the freedom of no car payment and I hate financial commitments.  This is one of those events where once you move forward, you can’t move backward.  I have great taste but not much money to fund said great taste.  One part of me says go for it, you have waited long enough and since your going to be on-call there is your extra money for a car payment.  The other part of me says hold out for a while longer, there could be another monkey wrench that is going to get thrown at you.  What to do?  It didn’t help matters that when I got to work today I smelled anti-freeze when I got out of the car.  Unsure if it was my car or the car next to me.  I am going to keep a close eye on the temperature gauge on the drive home.  Regardless of my decision to part or not to part with my vehicles I don’t want any issues with them.  I haven’t started the truck up in weeks.  It’s been sitting since I had to take Bear for his checkup.  It’s been at least a month or very close to it.  I was thinking that I would need to move the beast this weekend.  The truck, not Bear. 

We have a late night call on Friday for some work going on.  It will affect remote access and by rights I should be at the office.  I don’t want to make two trips that day.  I should have brought it up in a meeting we had today but elected to keep quiet.  Someone else said they were going into their office but I will try to connect from home, really don’t think there would be anything for me to do.  This is just an education so to speak.  Of course I won’t know that until this takes place.  I don’t see any point in driving 30 to 40 miles home and then back again then trying to get home again.  That is racking up the miles, eating up my time an generally not something I am a fan of. 

My latest problem is myself.  I got this wild idea to extend some temporary credit card numbers when I was on-line last month.  I didn’t realize it would alter the expiration date and since then I have had a few sites that bill me monthly reach out saying they had a problem with my credit card.  Last night there was a scene released on a porn site and  had to watch it, it’s just that good.  Well I couldn’t login.  I checked my password manager and it said the password was SAVED_PASSWORD, well that is no help.  I don’t use that for a password.  I fought with it and then tried a forgot password on the site.  They couldn’t find me.  I wasn’t thinking about the credit card expiration date and opened a support ticket.  I thought sure someone hacked my account and changed the password.  Then this morning I realized what had happened.  I felt silly.  I got it fixed but it’s costing me more money.  The rate I had on the site was low and I had to start all over, so I pay a higher rate for the same content.  If memory serves all I did last time was try to cancel and they made me a better offer, so I will probably try that trick to see if it pays off.  It’s $1.50 more per month now so all things considered it’s not that big of an increase but I love to save money.  Speaking of which another site that I subscribe to really tried to upsell me when I went to update my credit card information with them.  I took a look at the content and what they have in upcoming scenes, none of it is of interest to me so I dropped them.  I have like 10 or 12 more days of an active membership but when they go to charge my credit card, the transaction won’t go through because it was a temporary card and I revoked it.  This way I don’t have to talk to a human who will no doubt try the whole upselling thing again.  I know it’s cancelled and I don’t have to worry about it. 

Really would like to have free time away from work right about now.  However, that isn’t in the plan at the moment.  We have 2 more days to get through then its the weekend.  If I am going to buy a new vehicle I will do it on Saturday because I can have the whole day to take care of things, that process lingers much longer than it should and there are so many documents to sign, promise to do this, promise to do that.

With my identity theft I have an option of putting a freeze on my credit report.  This means that no information from the report would be shared or available to anyone other than the creditors that I have at present.  If I am going to apply for credit I would have to give notice to thaw the report and there might be a small fee to pay.  Then when all is said and done, I would have to have the report frozen again.  This is of great interest to me but if I am getting a new vehicle I don’t want to start the process only to have to issue a thaw request and then a re-freeze request.  It’s kind of pointless. 

Finally I got to check Bears ph level last night and it’s even higher than the last time I checked.  He has to go back to that prescription food or he is going to have problems.  So I am trying to maintain a balance between prescription and regular food.  I know he hates most of the prescription stuff and it is so expensive so it’s not hurting my feelings.  I just want to do the right thing here so that we can prevent any issues from developing.  We both have been through enough and I want to maintain the good fortune we have acquired since the last incident.  The further away we stay from the vet, the happier everyone is, especially my wallet. 

Happy Wednesday, now it’s back to work for this guy. 

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