16 October 2016

Remembered What I Forgot

So as I was cleaning it hit me, what I wanted to mention.  Friday the guy that replaced me didn’t show up to work.  An hour and a half into his shift he sends an email to just a few people and says he is at the doctor and will be in the office soon.  By lunch time he was a no show and that is when things get busy in the office for meetings to be setup.  I had people complaining and decided that enough was enough.  I took care of the meetings and then I wrote his boss and his bosses boss to complain that he was MIA. 

A little after 2p he decided to show up and he wasn’t happy.  My guess is he got a phone call and that ruined his plan to just take an extended weekend.  I think but for my actions he would have never shown up.  That in it’s self would be grounds for termination.

He has one of the easiest jobs in the entire office, sure you have to work but if you play your cards right and structure your day, you will have some free time and you won’t have to bust your ass day in and day out.  It’s a sure fire thing and why in the world would he want to throw that all away.  He moved for the job and signed a lease on an apartment.  You would think that in and of it’s self would be a motivational factor to keep a job.  Apparently he is one of those people who wants to get paid but doesn’t want to work for a living.  That explains a lot. 

It was a couple weeks back and I was working with a co-worker, we needed an example machine and we picked his at random.  Turns out he’s got his resume saved to his desktop on his work computer.  How fucking stupid do you have to be to do that?  The sad thing is a lot of people in the company do that.  I had my resume on my desktop at work but only because I was applying for the position I am in.  Otherwise my resume would have never made it’s way to my work computer for any reason. 

People must think that Big Brother doesn’t exist.  I am here to tell them otherwise.  You have to use care and exercise caution in what personal information you decide to share on your work computer, work telephone and work voice mail.  All platforms of communication are subject to being monitored and that is an incentive to always be on your best behavior, that is if you care at all about your job.  You never know when or if someone is listening or watching. 

This guy calls in sick all the time, I heard that he is also late most days.  I have seen his attendance and let me tell you when it’s close to 5p he is taking his fat ass out the door and is quick to leave.  It matters not what time he got there.  There are days that I am the first one in and he is gone before me.  He should be the first one in and then should be gone before me but that has only happened maybe two or three times total.  I don’t understand how he is able to take time off when he has blown through his PTO bank.  I came in about the same time he did and I had like a week and 2 or 3 days.  He’s been sick and taken PTO in a far greater amount. 

So the kicker to all of this is, I left like 5 minutes early.  He was already gone.  I walked to the garage and his car was no where to be seen.  I am about to get on the freeway/highway/interstate and he comes racing up behind me.  WTF how did that happen?  Then I look at his car and notice he’s got new license plates.  He wasn’t at the doctor or if he was he went to the DMV afterwards and that explains why he was late.  Hell if I spent anytime at all in the DMV I wouldn’t want to have to go to work afterwards, which is why when I need to go, I do so on the weekend.

It will be interesting to see if he buckles down and gets with the program.  Clearly no one has conveyed to him that his job is in immediate jeopardy.  I wonder if he will show up tomorrow or have another excuse and stay home.  I mean if you don’t like your job then quit but for God sake show up and do your job until you find something more to your liking.  It would be different if he worked for a tyrant or an ogre but he doesn’t.  There is very little stress in that job and it really pains me to see him tearing apart what took me so long to build up and perfect.  Plus I get to do two jobs and that isn’t fair to my team.  When they hired him I wondered what they were thinking.  He wasn’t the only guy that applied to the job but Jesus even a blind person could pick a better candidate.  Makes me wish that I was in on the hiring process, but it’s times like these that I am glad that I am not and so it’s really no skin off my back. 

Onward towards Monday we go.  I was telling the kids I just want to see my bosses reaction to the gift I got him, that is if he takes the time to open it tomorrow.  Then after that I can come home and go back to bed.  Shame it doesn’t work that way.  Tomorrow as I see it doesn’t appear to be that busy but that is going by what is scheduled.  I can’t plan for what might come up and isn’t on my calendar.  You never know when someone is going to click on something stupid or open a malicious attachment that they think is legit. 

Glad I remembered and could share this with you.  Have a great evening.

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