25 October 2016

Monday & Tuesday

Saw the doc on Monday and got my order for blood work.  Turns out I have an ear infection going on.  He gave me drops which I hate.  I would rather take a pill or a couple pills.  I spent most of yesterday plugged up on one side and everything sounded goofy.  I have to put the drops in 3 times a day for a week.  Oh joy for me.  Not something that I look forward to.  Had breakfast at home and then ate out for supper but can’t remember where I went which is kind of sad since it was just yesterday.

Today I got up and fed the children and then headed off to the hospital to get my blood work done.  Afterwards I was going to hit up Steak N Shake and play a joke on one of the waitresses but my belly said skip that and take us to Cracker Barrel.  So that won and I had Blueberry Pancakes.  It was delicious even thought I shouldn’t have had them.  I came home sat with Bear on the couch and then eventually put him back on the floor and laid down.  Ear drops in.  Then watched TV and started to dose off.  It was the sugar from the Blueberry Syrup that caused my blood sugar to go high and all I want to do when that happens is sleep.  Woke up and fed the children lunch.  Then did some stuff on the computer that I had been putting off.  Like updating my resume and filing away some photos.  I also updated my profile on Linked In.  I am NOT looking for a job but like to be current just in case.  It took some serious will power to get me to do this and since I was doing it, figured go all the way.  Didn’t realize it but I’ve been in my new position for 6 months already.  Wow where did the time go?  Mailed a Birthday card to my mom.  She will be a year older on Saturday. 

Presently chained to my computer as iTunes is updating my iPhone and it’s taking it sweet ass time.  I want to go upstairs, watch TV and be with the kids on what is my last night before I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I won’t be looking forward to it, but realize that work has a serious place in my day, if it wasn’t for that I don’t know that anything would get done.  I checked my email at work and only 128 messages, so 64 emails each day that I was gone, not terrible.  There will be some catching up that I have to do but it will all work out in the end.  Learned that we get no time off for New Years but they are giving us an extra Floating Holiday.  I am going to try to schedule time for New Years this week so I have it locked down.  A New Year means a new bank of time to pull from and that will be great. 

I checked in to upgrading my iPhone and it will cost $20 a month and that is if I got with a 6S.  I could do a 7 for like $25 but that phone isn’t in stock and it would have to be shipped to me.  I don’t want to deal with a phone being shipped, that just has disaster written all over it.  I know lots of people that upgrade that way but I won’t be one of those people because I have some serious bad luck.  Especially when it comes to telephones.  I thought about all of the extras that I would need and just opted to stay with what I have now.  I know that eventually I will upgrade or be forced to but since everything works today I am pleased, might as well not rock the boat. 

The same theory applies to my car.  I did look today and saw that there are more vehicles to choose from at the dealer.  They still have the SUV that I really want.  Now there is 0% financing for 72 months which makes it even more attractive.  It’s like it’s screaming take me home, I am yours.  It’s got leather seating and I would hate to get it and then have one of the kids have an accident.  I really want it but kind of feels like I am waiting for a shoe to drop or something.  This was the weekend that I was going to make my move, part of the reason why I took 2 days off from work.  However, I didn’t make the move.  Thinking about doing it on Saturday but chances are good that I will talk myself out of it.  Something about signing up for car payments just doesn’t appeal to me.  Call it fear of commitment if you will.  I realize that I have a much larger commitment that I signed up for and that is my mortgage.  It doesn’t bother me like car payments.  We shall see what happens but I think the longer I can hold out the better things will be.  That may or may not be true. 

Now come on Apple I need to get to my children and enjoy what few hours are left in the evening before it’s time to call it a night and retire to resume my normal work week.  3 days and then it will be the weekend.  Now there is something to look forward to. 

Hope all is well in your world. 

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