04 October 2016

Manic Monday

Yesterday will go down in history as the worst day for me in my present job.  My entire team worked all day on one issue.  We were on the phone for 6 hours, thankfully we took a lunch break.  As you can imagine it was not a good situation.  We had someone get malware on their mobile device.  They started sending a large number of emails at 3 in the morning.  It wasn’t caught until one of our network guys noticed a lot of traffic.  The next thing you know all hell broke loose for us.  The users account was disabled because we couldn’t reach him.  Then someone had the bright idea to enable it and see what happens.  Well that is when the next big flood of mail went out and it encompassed a good number of people in our organization.  I came up with the idea of wiping the guys phone but everyone thought that was too extreme.  Then I said at the very least lets turn off mail from flowing to his phone.  After a password change and that, his account was enabled and presto the problem stopped.

We didn’t know that his phone was infected until much later in the day when we were able to speak with him.  Wow he has a real mess on his hands.  Turns out his home pc was infected last week and it’s just been one battle after another.  See this is what kind of havoc can happen from clicking on a link and entering in your credentials. 

As much as you try to educate people and hope they will be careful there are always those that either won’t participate or think they know enough and don’t bother to attend training.  It was miserable for all of us because it felt like on many occasions that we were chasing our tail. 

So that should explain my absence on Monday.  I did manage to get away from my desk during the lunch break we all took.  I had some laughs with co-workers and then it was back to the grind.  No one and I mean no one on our team yesterday got anything meaningful accomplished.  Sure glad I wasn’t on-call this week, that would have sucked. 

Sadly I spent a good portion of my evening in front of my computer at home.  When I finally did break away I had to pick up the bears and put him on the couch with me.  He needed some daddy time.  Marvin got sick this morning so it looks like I will be stopping for his special dry food, its OTC but still damn expensive.  The things I do to please my pets.  Well back to earning that paper because I need every dime.

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