19 October 2016

Stuck in the middle

I had a conversation with the boss about his email and the air has been cleared.  I still won’t be getting him anything again.  My other co-worker had to leave abruptly yesterday.  I texted her yesterday and she said to pray for her.  This morning I reached out by phone early in the morning and left a voice mail.  I got a text back that said my problem is a legal matter and I can’t talk about it.  Then she went on to explain why she didn’t answer the phone .. because she was in traffic and didn’t recognize the number.  Great so if I had an actually work emergency I would have been SOL, so good to know.  I was stunned to learn that I am not in her contacts.  I opened up to her and think of her more as a friend than a co-worker.  Yeah it might have been a mistake.  I can’t put the proverbial cat back in the bag.  So I responded to her and let her know how I feel about her and that no matter what her situation it will pass, I mean look at me and all of the shit I have been through, I am still standing.  I often wonder how and why but I am here.  It’s been radio silence ever since, you would think I would have gotten a reply but nope nothing.  The message says it was delivered but I don’t have a read receipt so it appears that she didn’t read it or she deleted it w/o reading it.  Kind of hurts but will it be the end of my day, nope.  Maybe she is focusing on work and trying not to think about her issue but who knows.  She is a very moody person and she can go from nice to bitch in like 6 seconds.  I have several emails that prove that.  One of which I got today where she was snarky as if I should have been able to read her mind.  Sorry the Crystal Ball is in the shop today. The really odd thing is that she has been a cheerleader for me and was so happy when we finally got to work on the same team.  Now it’s like I am damaged goods or something.  All I can do is monitor the situation and react accordingly.  I won’t say that I am going to go out of my way to share personal information until I can confirm she is a friend and not a foe. 

My other co-worker finally came back.  She knows nothing of the guy I am interested in.  She said that she would do some digging to find out what she could.  I don’t know that I trust her to follow through on that but I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.  If I hear something from her I will be shocked.  My plan is that the next time I see him I just make my move.  Every day at quitting time my heart races as I push the elevator button, I never know if he will be in the car that opens or if I will see him after I am in the lobby.  I want to and at the same time I don’t want to.  I am highly nervous because this is a bold move that is out of character for me.  Yes I have done it in the past and I was equally as nervous.  It’s great once it is over with regardless of the answer.  If I get a yes and he follows through then my nerves will probably be on edge as well.  Hearing the word yes will put me on cloud 9 but following through well that is something else.  Just because he looks appealing doesn’t necessarily mean he will be the one but if I don’t ask I will certainly never know.

Solved the lawn problem.  I called last night and the guy answered the phone.  Turns out it was an oversight and I got lost in the shuffle since I am new and it’s just about end of season.  No worries this time.  If this keeps happening then I will sing a different tune. 

Had to call about Bear’s food.  I chose free shipping but normally there is an email confirmation sent once the product ships.  Turns out they needed a rx from the vet, I guess the one they had expired.  Anyway the lady on the phone said that the food would be at my door tomorrow. We shall see.  All I know is that my supply of the dry stuff is running low and they can’t ship me a bag fast enough. 

Ordered myself a foam roller, it’s suppose to help with the knots but I hear it hurts.  A few people told me that it would be good for me.  Silly me I listened and now a new form of torture is on it’s way to my home.  Should have it tomorrow and perhaps I will try it out. 

Heard about a guy on the news this morning who entered an eating contest and he wolfed down ghost peppers.  He won the contest but hours later he vomited so much he tore the lining of his stomach and had to have surgery to fix it.  Never have I ever eaten a ghost pepper and it’s not on my bucket list at all.  I like some spice but I don’t need to have to call the fire department to put out the fire in my mouth.  That is just uncomfortable.  I had a flamin hot Cheeto once and never want one of those again.  You’d think that since it was flaming that it wouldn’t have bothered me, not so. 

Well back to fun and games.  One meeting left in the day and then it will be closer but not quite quitting time.  Last nights meal was Fish, Rice & Broccoli with cheese sauce.  It was delicious.  Tonight I will be doing a baby lasagna and spending time with the kids watching TV.  Go, go all week long makes for one tired guy.  You have to stop and smell the roses once and a while.  Hopefully nothing will interfere with that. 

2 more days and then it will be Friday!

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