10 October 2016

Hi ya

I got pre-approved for auto financing and I have been looking.  I really wanted to make the move this weekend but started crunching the numbers and realized that I could afford it but there could be times when it would be a stretch.  So I have opted to keep what I have for now.  I will try to discipline myself to form a savings plan so that when the time is right I will be able to make the move and who knows maybe just maybe make a down payment.  I typically don’t do down payments, you take my trade and that is what I consider the down payment.  I still have been eyeing cars.  Last night I saw a beautiful blue Buick SUV.  They didn’t want much for it and the thing was loaded.  I looked at Audi’s and BMW’s as well.  Things that I know are out of the question, just to get an idea of what is out there.  I know what I want and I know what my minimum requirements are, just have to wait until the timing is better.

Considering that I am going to keep motoring on, it was time to change the oil in my car.  The truck is way past due but considering I took it out this weekend for the first time in over a month I think it can wait just a little longer.  I normally go back to the dealer for my oil changes but I am religious about them and always get them done early, sometimes that means 1 thousand miles early, other times it’s 500 miles early and once or twice it was within miles of the time due.  I had a $15 coupon for Valvoline and went there.  I resisted all of the upselling they were doing, presented my coupon and got out for under $30.  That is way cheaper than the dealer but my tires weren’t rotated and my brakes weren’t measured.  Outside of that they did everything else.  I know things are in good shape because I take great care of my car, however hearing it is reassuring to me rather than assuming.  I gave the car the weekend off after we went to get mail and fill up on gas.  Then I drove the truck for the little driving I did for the rest of the weekend.

No cat food shopping this weekend, yep I over bought last time and no sense in wasting food or getting even more that I can’t accommodate so this will be a week in which they all turn their noses up because some of the usual variety is gone but it’s your choice eat it or starve.  I think they will eat it just not when I am looking.  Bear’s PH has fallen a little once we were 6.0 and last night he was 7.0.  I will continue to monitor this, especially if he is not going frequently.  He worries me.  I did give him fluids on Friday and he wasn’t terribly happy about it because I had to stick him a couple times.  The first time the needle was clogged and fluid wouldn’t flow for anything.  I took the needle off and it was like a river.  I didn’t give him much but what little I did pump into him I know helped.  We spent time together on the couch and when he wanted down back to the floor he went.  Like all of them he knows how to work me and I think he knows I feel extra sorry for him so I do more for him.  The others are capable of fending for themselves but Bear has special needs. 

Yesterday I went back to a place that I haven’t been for a long time.  I had some Fried Chicken and it brought back a lot of memories.  The service sucked because they were slammed.  A little too much salt in the food but outside of that it was good.  All you can eat for $11 and that included mashed potatoes and green beans.  It was supposed to come with a salad and soup but they forgot that part.  It’s okay because I really just wanted the chicken.  I left very full, not happy but full. 

Time as usual got away from me but I wrapped things up in time to spend an hour with the children watching Shameless.  I can’t believe Ian slept with a woman to try it out.  He said that his bf said that no one can be 100% anything.  I totally disagree I am 100% gay and wouldn’t even try to sleep with a woman.  Twitter was a flutter with pissed off people not happy about Ian sleeping with a woman and saying that the scene lasted way too long.  Who really cares it’s a TV show.  The scene is also done.  I am still a fan of the show and a big fan of Ian.  Hopefully he can find a decent boyfriend and they can film lots of sex scenes together.  I am just along for the ride we will have to wait and see what the writers have in store for us.  I hear a rumor that Ian’s character dies and he is going to be phased out of the show.  I don’t know if there is any truth to that but I certainly hope not. 

Got a meeting with my boss and his boss in a few minutes.  I questioned why it’s okay to work from home when I am on call but that I can’t work from home if for example something came up and I needed to be home but didn’t want to take PTO.  To me it’s one in the same.  However, there is a double standard that exists and unless your salaried it is a no – no.  I don’t look forward to this meeting at all but hopefully it’s quick and painless.  It’s really the only thing that I have to face today that scares me. 

Hope all is well in your world.  Happy Thanksgiving if your in Canada!

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Jude said...

Thank you it was a nice Thanksgiving weekend. :) How did your meeting to?