13 October 2016

New Crush

Last night I was leaving a bit early and had the fortune of sharing an elevator with a very handsome fellow and some other strangers.  It was my second time seeing him and I really want an elevator ride with him alone or to pull him aside to chat for a minute to see if he is interested in going on a date.  There are several businesses in the building and I know who he works for and as a result of that I believe I have found his name.  I am just waiting for a co-worker to return from vacation or call me back, she will have the final key to the puzzle.  If he is who I think he is, then he’s gay and that tips the scale a little bit in my favor.  However, if I see him before she gets back I will try to pull him aside to chat for a minute.  I mean I am already at no, how much worse can it get? 

I thought what if he talks to his co-workers and word spreads that I ask him out?  I can’t for the life of me think of any other caveats or scenarios where things go awry.  This follows my rule of not dating a co-worker, we just work in the same building but each for a different employer.  Were separated by many floors and unless you time it right or just wait in the lobby the chances of running into each other is a pure crap shoot. 

It would be nice if this all works out and I gain a boyfriend or even a friend.  Right now all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Got my massage today and it was 100 pure torture.  I think that tomorrow my back is going to hurt.  She was really rough on me.  I am starting to feel some of it now, but I know that as the evening goes on that the pain will probably be more intense. 

Covering on-call for a co-worker tonight, taking out the trash and paying bills.  Whoopee lots of fun.  Going to try to work in TV time with the kids but unsure if that will happen.  Kind of depends upon how much time I take paying bills. 

There you have it my world in a nut shell.  Today has been a very unproductive day.  Boss only worked a 1/2 day and we have nothing on the books for today so it’s been me doing my own thing.  I have done some work just not as much as I usually do in a day.  I guess that is why there is a tomorrow but it will be Friday and who actually works on a Friday?  Me I have a departure to deal with but that will only take 15 minutes and it totally depends upon when they leave.

Happy Friday Eve.  

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